Good News! Bikes have arrived!

2 Crystal White Tiger 800 XC bikes have arrived Western Powersports but will most likely remain crated until early next week due to previous builds for other customers.  I want to get down to the dealer and take some pictures of the bikes in their boxes prior to the build.  Accessories have arrived as well, just need to take inventory. 

I guess this means we might be able to take possession mid to late next week.  Still leaving almost 2 weeks to get to know the Tiger’s prior to departure and add the few extra items we have gotten for the bikes as well.  Good to know they have indeed made a successful journey to Langley, BC!

Will they arrive today as expected?

That is what we have been told that the bikes arrive today at Western Powersports.  I would love to get some photos of the bikes coming out of the boxes and the build process.  If they come then we can start the real prep from start to end.  Crossing our fingers that we get the good news call today.