Just testing taking video using a telescopic pole

Silly test video of me filming us with my Contour HD camera attached to a pole…just having fun!

Camping gear all looks good!

Inventory done, checked out gear and all looks like it is in working order!  We don’t have many weekends off together before we leave so today was a productive day.

Getting camping stuff down from the loft
Mutha Hubba Tent
Most of the gear we are taking

17 Days – perhaps it’s time to take inventory???

Time seems to be flying by us now and we both should and I say should start to really take stock in our inventory.  Make sure the camping stove works, sleeping bags don’t smell too badly, tent in once piece, stuff like that.  We have been both working a lot and energy is low just from being tired.

Maybe today we will start taking our gear down from the loft and even do some pre trip write up of all the “stuff” we need to bring or we think we should bring.

2 concerns we have when we leave is our elderly dog Xander who has been in heart failure for over 2 years and on tons of meds and our 18 year old cat Bo.  Both are ill but still appear to be thriving.  We just hope nothing happens to them while we are gone.  This was a worry last year and here we are in the same situation.  Our house sitters, Taylor and Dave are awesome and we trust them not only with our house but with the animals/kids.  We have 2 other dogs, Sierra and Cruizer.  Pics later.  In any case, they are in good hands and we wish them well and health when we are gone.