Donation Announcement and Big Thanks!

Cheryl & I would like to send out a HUGE thanks to SmartCentres from Ontario for their very generous donation to ACT-Autism Community Training on behalf of our ride.  Thank you so much for supporting ACT and our adventure of a lifetime.  We hope more will follow your lead for this wonderful organization.

If anyone needs info how to donate to ACT please see the ACT tab in the header of this BLOG!  Just awesome to have donations coming in even before we leave!

4 Days to go!

We hope the bikes will return to our garage Monday.  Waiting on the license plates coming from Ontario.  Triumph Canada own the bikes and is the insurer.  The first plates were sent Canada Post.  Bad idea since they are on strike.  Second set sent via courier and are due in Monday.  We have some little things left to do ourselves to the bikes and then Wednesday we are off free of anymore “planning”.  Oh what a day that will be.  2 more shifts of work for me…Leslie, Cheryl has to put in sometime at her work on Monday and that is all she wrote! :-)