McKinley aerial video worthy of it’s own post

An Aerial Virtual Tour of Mount McKinley

July 20th 2011

Mount McKinley, Alaska

20,320 feet, 6194 meters

Cheryl and I were very fortunate to take an unbelievable flight on board a Cesena with our pilot Jeff, retired Alaskan State Trooper, up and around Mount McKinley.  The views were overwhelming, I mean you see this sort of stuff o DVD’s but in person????  WOW!

When we arrived in Talkeetna Cheryl said, “Instead of taking the long boring ferry ride from Skagway to Prince Rupert, why not take flight, it is cheaper and let’s ride home.”  I agreed because we are LOVING riding the Tiger’s and I mean you only live once to be able to fly on such a nice day to see the highest mountain second to Everest.  Right there and then our route not only changed but after what we saw so were we.

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