Short Technical Update

July 22nd, 2011

We still do not have our Tiger’s back and most likely will not until at least tomorrow.  We are not completely sure exactly what and if the problems for both bikes has been resolved but I can tell you this.  My bike, the front runner, here is Leslie’s air filter after 8400 KM

Anchorage July 22 11 (1)

guess which one is mine?  Now, having posted this picture, the filter may not be the cause of the stalling on my bike.  Until we get the written report I can tell you all this, my issue had something to do with the throttle position sensors.  All three were out of whack and this is not rider related.

What I am going to do is hold off revealing anymore details until like I said we have the final report and we see if both bikes are actually fixed.  The Shop is going to do a safety check on both bikes tomorrow and hopefully take them for a decent test ride before they “clear” them from anymore faults.Fingers crossed

Cheryl’s filter being behind me the entire trip looked like this…

Anchorage July 22 11 (8)

Anchorage July 22 11 (7)

They were working on Cheryl’s bike when we got there late in the day.  This has been an all day event for the tech at The Motorcycle Shop.

Anchorage July 22 11 (5)

Anchorage July 22 11 (6)

No easy task to even get to the air box.  Again here is Cheryl’s air box and what it looked like inside

Anchorage July 22 11 (10)

So, before everyone assumes we completely understand what is going on and what this might mean for other Tiger owners, we will post tomorrow more firm info as we get it.  Sound good?

On a lighter note, looks like we will be here until Sunday and our hosts Gary & Deb are graciously letting us squat here until the bikes are ready. Thanks again guys!Open-mouthed smile

Cheryl and I also got to touch the Ewan McGregor 2004 BMW rim he left at The Motorcycle Shop in 2004 after he and Charlie did the Long Way Round, check it out!

Anchorage July 22 11 (4)

Purple rim!

Anchorage July 22 11 (3)

We think this is pretty cool but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, that is it.  Can you believe it?  Short and sweet.  We will try to chill out the next day or so and patiently wait as this was a trip also to test out the bikes and find out if any problems.  Maybe this all will be worth it if we can help out Triumph and other owners.  So, later for now and as soon as we get more concrete info I will post it ASAP!

Anchorage July 22 11 (15)

Mr. Red Squirrel who lives in Deb & Gary’s shed!  Cute eh?

Adding some random videos

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Mount McKinley Video from take off to landing Part II

Anchorage, Triumph & Duke



July 21st 2011

Meet Duke the 12 year old Black Lab

Anchorage July 21 11 (17)

Meet Dean, Duke’s owner

July 21 11 Anchorage (15)

Now reintroduce yourselves to our hosts, retirees Deb & Gary

Alaska July 20 11 Talkeetna to Anch (125)

Duke lives with Dean who still works and everyday after Dean leaves for work Duke comes over to Gary & Deb’s house right down the dirt road.  After we had breakfast, which was a deliciously prepared meal compliments of Gary

Anchorage July 21 11 (18)

Duke was patiently waiting by the garage door to come into Gary & Deb’s home and be their friend for the day.  You see Duke has two homes.  One by night, one by day.  Duke has a very strict routine as well.  When he comes over he gets treats and hangs with Deb & Gary.  Each day he gets to go to the dog park for a daily walk around the University lake too.  We came along today and Duke seemed to adjust to having strangers take part in his walk.

Anchorage July 21 11 (2)

Oh yeah, Duke has at least 3 favourite walking sticks that he chases every once in awhile.  Duke is 12 and does not play as much as he used too but manages and is one very happy and lucky dog.

Anchorage July 21 11 (6)

Anchorage July 21 11 (7)

Always looking back to make sure his best friends are right near by.

Anchorage July 21 11 (8)

Although he does not swim like he used to he knows the spots where he can get in and out of the lake real easy.  That way he can get wet without really swimming.  Smart Duke.

Anchorage July 21 11 (11)

Dukes stays with Gary & Deb all day until Dean comes home from work and feeds him dinner.  All in a day in Dukes life.  Just fantastic!

This is a picture Gary gave me of Duke chasing a bear in their yard.

After breakfast Cheryl  I headed out to The Motorcycle Shop to be there at 10 when they opened.  This is the same shop Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman got their bikes looked after when they arrived in Alaska after their trek across the world in 2004. They still have a bent rim in the back of the shop. I want to get a picture of the two of us by it.

Anchorage July 21 11 (19)

Now meet Zack the Service Manager at the Motorcycle Shop. Zack had no idea who we were or anything about our adventure and relationship with Triumph Canada at this point.

Anchorage July 21 11 (10)

Zack is helping us diagnose and resolve our stalling issues that both Tiger’s are having.

Zack is really laughing in this picture because Triumph Canada and Triumph America are contacting his store directly to assist with getting the data off the bikes computers which was sent to Atlanta Georgia to be interpreted by Triumph’s lead tech guy.  Zack was given some direction as to how to fix our problems.  Zack was like “who are you guys?”

How Gary sees and  heard it goes something like this.

Diagnostics done, shop said codes indicate a stepper motor (between the air filter and throttle bodies) issue. They will tear into it tomorrow (Friday) in anticipation of the FedEx arrival of the new air filters. If everything goes okay, should get the bikes back tomorrow afternoon.

We are crossing our fingers that we can get back on the road by Saturday. While at the Shop we met these two guys,  I will add their names later to the pictures. Got their names out of my tank bag and to the left is Jeff who rides a new V-Strom 650 and is very unhappy with the poor gas mileage he has been getting.  Wants to give his bike back to his dealer!  Jeff is from Desert Hot Springs, CA. Next is Jim who has been riding his FJR1300 u the Dempster and all the crazy roads here.  I think Jim is from California too.

Anchorage July 21 11 (20)

They really wanted to know who we were to have Triumph loaned bikes.  The guy on the left said to us, “Who the hell are you?” We said “No body.”  He said “well, I am the biggest no body there is how do I get free bikes?”  Too funny and nice chatting with the guys who by the way had great weather and dry riding not only on the Dempster but the Dalton too.  Whatever we saySmile with tongue out.

Gary & Deb came and picked us up so we did not have to stay at the shop all day.  We did have to return to hear the eventual news that I all ready posted.

So, we went to Alaskan Leather of course to check out the famous store.

Anchorage July 21 11 (1)

Barb was not there, she was in Pennsylvania for a rally, but we met Noah and crap I forgot the other staff’s name and they were great, gave us don’t ride naked decals and off we went. I was just told by Gary that the woman in this picture is Joanne.

Anchorage July 21 11 (4)

Anchorage July 21 11 (5)

Anchorage July 21 11 (12)

Beautiful mountains surround Anchorage and we have been very fortunate to have Gary & Deb helping us out with transportation and great food/lodging while in town.  This is their very peaceful, tranquil home.

Anchorage July 21 11 (13)

Anchorage July 21 11 (15)

Anchorage July 21 11 (16)

Now meet Kathy.  Kathy is a woman who has been following our trip on Facebook as well as the ADV Rider forum.  Kathy wanted to meet us so Gary invited her over for dinner and Tacos which were delicious.  Bad group picture but Kathy is in the upper right.  Nice to meet you Kathy and thanks for stopping by.

July 21 11 Anchorage (14)

July 21 11 Anchorage (13)

After dinner Kathy went home and we went down to Girdwood about 30 min drive to see the local bikers and get some ice cream.  Deb jumped at the chance to take her Super Sherpa out for a ride on a very nice evening.

July 21 11 Anchorage (17)

But first Cheryl had to try out the Sherpa first.

July 21 11 Anchorage (16)

Off Deb went and we followed

July 21 11 Anchorage (1)

July 21 11 Anchorage (2)

We will be heading down the Seward Highway this weekend for the next leg of our trip.  Beautiful once again.

July 21 11 Anchorage (3)

July 21 11 Anchorage (4)

July 21 11 Anchorage (5)

July 21 11 Anchorage (6)

July 21 11 Anchorage (8)

July 21 11 Anchorage (9)

While in Girdwood we met Ulla and Don.  Ulla does not know Don but rode in together.  Ulla is a older gal who loves her CBR and is also a bush pilot.  Don is a friend of Gary & Deb’s who met us down at the strip mall. Ulla is the one in all black and turquoise shirt.

July 21 11 Anchorage (10)

We all were just telling stories and enjoying the night.

Now, we met these two guys,  The woman has been riding a motorcycle for 4 days and has only put 70 miles on her first ever bike, a Ducati 1100 Monster. Surprised smile  Her first bike and all we could say was have fun and be safe.  Her buddy has an ‘06 Speed Triple, his first street bike but he has been riding for years. I am not really good at remembering all the names of the people we meet. I think their names were Sue and Chris.

July 21 11 Anchorage (11)

Here is Don.  He owns many bikes and is a very interesting friend of Gary & Deb’s.

July 21 11 Anchorage (12)

So, after the socializing we headed back to Anchorage and eventually got to bed.  What a really enjoyable day and we are hoping for good news about our bikes on Friday.