New chains and rear brake pads

August 5th 2011

Wrong 525 chain too short. The Tiger needs at least a 122 and got in 120’s. No one has stock.

Trying to work something out not looking good.

Got a Harley dealer in Smithers and tighten the chains and that’s it. No more room to grow but should get us home.

Thought we were going to Get new chains and rear brake pads installed at Kickstart in Terrace. Got new pads on and will post pics of the rear pads. Cheryl’s pads so far have worn really unevenly. Will be interesting to see what mine look like.

Should be back on the road in a few hours in the sun at least for now!



Hope to get our new chains installed today and might as well put on the rear brake pads we have been carrying with us. Fronts look good and sprockets good enough to get the bikes back to Triumph soon. There ia sun in the sky after a wet day in Terrace yesterday.

Really hope we are back in business and on the road by mid-day.