Mega picture and videos update tomorrow!

A taste of the Dalton Highway

“The James W. Dalton Highway, usually Dalton Highway (Alaska Route 11) is a 414-mile[1] (667 km) road in Alaska. It begins at the Elliott Highway, north of Fairbanks, and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Once called the North Slope Haul Road (a name by which it is still sometimes known), it was built as a supply road to support the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in 1974. It is named for James Dalton, a lifelong Alaskan and an engineer who supervised construction of the Distant Early Warning Line in Alaska and, as an expert in Arctic engineering, served as consultant in early oil exploration in northern Alaska.[2]“

On the way in we stayed at Wiseman and on the way out we made it from Deadhorse to Fairbanks in one day.  800 KM we rode and it was worth!


Going home the long way!

Today we go home for real but not before we ride some of BC’s finest back roads. Will take us about 8 hours to get home but we don’t mind. The threat of rain seems to have past and now I see the good white fluffy clouds and blue sky.  Hopefully we arrive home in the sun rather the way we left, in the pouring rain.

Hope to get some good pictures along the way so many of you can get a feel for our Province, British Columbia which is a very beautiful place to live and explore.