Stalling Announcement

Owner’s should contact their Triumph dealer in reference to Service Bulletin 431 and make an appointment to have the new download installed ASAP.  Straight from Triumph.  We know nothing else but thought it would be useful to pass this info along.

This announcement was released to the Global dealer Network Today, August 23rd, 2011

Good luck to all of your who have been experiencing what we did on our trip.  Hope this new download works!

The stalling issue has been resolved by the Triumph factory with a tune update that was released today to the Global Dealer Network. This new computer tune will be downloaded in all 2011 & 2012 Tiger 800 models build prior to a specific vin#.

Using the BLOG

I have been asked where are the older posts?

Depending on your web browser you can search the archives or find the calendar on the Home Page and click on the highlighted dates.  I posted almost everyday and the BLOG started in April.  So, just FYI for those who have emailed me and asked, I thought I would just put it out there that all previous posts links with all the pictures etc can be found on our Home page by looking at the Archive months or by scrolling down to the end of the page to the calendar and take it from there.

Hopefully this makes sense and helps those out that are having issues with navigating this BLOG.  Any questions or comments please feel to post them here to help others out as well.  Thanks! Advgrrls