KLIM – New AWESOME Gear coming out this Fall 2011

We wear this stuff and are looking forward to trying out the new gear.  If you don’t like buying gear that has tons of layers and needs a water proof liner or rain gear to go over, then KLIM is the way to go.  No, we are not paid to say this nor to get we KLIM gear for free….just believers!  Choose your own layers and voila….you got yourself gear that can be worn 365 days a year!

One thing is for sure KLIM seems to listen to their buyers because these two new suits really have had a lot of input from people like us and KLIM made changes and look what they have come out with…absolutely the most comfortable gear we have ever worn and we own the TRAVERSE.

And of course the Diamond Suit the Adventure Rally…the most expensice suit KLIM makes.

McCarthy & Kennicott + More Pictures

The Park is bounded on the west by the Copper River, on the north by the Mentasta Range and to the south by the Chugach Range. The most impressive mountains by far are those contained in the Park, including Mounts Drum, Sanford, Wrangell and Blackburn, which can be seen from various points along the Richardson Highway.

The new Park headquarters is located at approximately mile 107.5 on the main Richardson Highway. Heading south from Copper Center, take the Edgerton Highway to Chitina, then continue on to McCarthy.

From Copper Center it takes about 50 minutes to drive to Chitina, and then about 2 1/2 to 3 hours (or more) to drive the next 58 miles over the old railroad grade to McCarthy, where the road terminates at the Kennicott River.

Grizzly's, Chilkoot River, Haines Alaska