Would you buy this bike instead of a BMW or Triumph or any other self proclaimed ADV DS bike?  (pics can be clicked on for high resolution)

Honda has confirmed that the Crosstourer, unveiled as a concept at the EICMA last year, will go into mass production in 2012 and will be showcased at the EICMA show in November this year. Billed as an ‘adventure sports tourer,’ the Crosstourer is fitted with a 1200cc V4 engine that comes from the VFR1200F, along with long-travel suspension, an upright riding position and off-road styling cues. Dual Clutch Transmission will also be available as an option on the Crosstourer.

Has Honda developed a temptation?  For me, not sure.  Would love to hear thoughts about another attempt by Honda to enter the ADV world.  The Varadero did not seem to do too well from what I have read.  Don’t get me wrong I really like Honda bikes.  We both had 2008 Honda CBF1000’s and really liked that bike for street riding.