2012 Triumph Scrambler | Preview

Really liking this bike!  Cheryl always loved the retro looks but not me.  Recently though they are growing on me and might have to take one out for a ride! Get rid of the dual seat, add a skid plate and some other Farkles and perhaps a very cool DS bike…..not expensive!
Tom Wera

Dakar Highlights Stage 1

Having issues trying to find a way to watch a live feed of the race while in New York and I imagine we will run into the same problems when we get back to Canada.  So, the Tube is helping with highlights.  One unfortunate death has happened all ready which from what I hear happens every year, someone does die.  Hard to imagine going down there knowing that the odds of not going home are pretty substantial.

There is an app too for your phones…we have not downloaded this app but if you do please comment how it works.