How would this do for all you adventurers out there????  You ride for months in the same gear, eat whenever and wherever you can, sleep in tents, live with dirt and at times exhaustion, exposed to all elements, loving every bit of the good and bad and then when you arrive home you take a “real” vacation….like normal folks and you go here….

My question is this….would want to go here if you could after a long ride?  My partner Cheryl would totally be in for this type of R & R…me?  I would not refuse going in the least bit.   All I can say is OMG!  Amazing what rich people can do for “fun”.

The largest overwater bungalow in the world BY FAR

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James Stewart Supercross Slo-Mo Whip – Red Bull Moments

This is a very cool slo mo dirt bike video of James Stewart…watch wide screen and HD! Enjoy!

Watch 2x Supercross Champion James Stewart break down the different elements of a supercross course at his home in Haines City, FL.

Breaking down his thought process frame by frame through the whoops and a giant whip. Shot using a high-speed Phantom camera.