11 thoughts on “Which One? If Any….Chime in!

  1. I know it’s not listed, but I think that I’m more partial to the G650 GS Sertao thumper. Lowe gearing, spoke wheels, sufficient power for me. But between the two shown, the 800.

    • I like the Sertao…it’s a high bike though…also, we commute and remember travel loaded down. I really don’t think the Sertao would be too fun to commute on all the time and for long distance travel. Could be wrong but not enough power

      • It has about the same HP as my 30 year old R100 and it has plenty of power for me and all my camping gear. But everyone’s needs are different and I rarely ever need to keep up with anyone else.

        Is the Sertao as high as the F800GS?

  2. Actually just checked looks like the Sertao is a tad bit shorter at 33.9 versus the 800 at 34.6. Did not feel that way when I sat on both of them on Saturday. Yeah you are right…each riders needs may be different. We like the twin engine and power for all the traffic we ride in and for use on our trips. Not about keeping up with everyone else it’s about being able to get out of the way of cars trying to hit us.

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