COME Along For the RIDE with US

If you have 10 mins and want to take a ride with us sit back and enjoy this video I made of our BC back country ride this summer…this is only part of the 850 KM we did off road…Between Clinton and Lillooet, BC.

Watch in HD

I am not the best editor but learning….ENJOY your virtual RIDE across some of Beautiful British Columbia.  Sure hope those who read this from far away…get an idea!

15 thoughts on “COME Along For the RIDE with US

  1. Paradise. Me eyes, me eyes! I know you two are doing this on purpose ;-) You’re truly blessed to live in BC. Hmm, how do I get my ass and my Beemer in BC?

  2. Hello girls,

    Now in Southern Chile, will cross to Argentina tomorrow! A quick word to tell you that I just did the 30,000km service in Santiago and changed the front spork oil for something harder. (10W? not sure!) it made a big difference and really helps with that nose dive our bikes are famous for.

    You seem to be pretty up-to-date on these things so you might even have changed your springs, but just in case that’s my two cents!


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