Partnering with Revzilla

Revzilla is an online motorcycle everything you could dream of site that we have now partnered with on our blog.  If you look to the right on any page you will see a Revzilla widget.  Feel free to click the “ad” if you want to peruse their site and make a purchase.  This is our little way to try to recoup some costs associated with running a blog like this. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.22.20 AMGreat customer service, no restocking fees, 1st return free…and if you call or email Revzilla you get advise from guys and gals who ride.  No strings attached, simply click the widget on our BLOG and shop away.  You might see more companies on this site which would only be companies we have dealt with and can 100% agree they are the best at what they do.  In the end, this is something I thought would help this blog grow and get even better for the future having some sort of infusion of cash.  When you buy through our site we do get a commission.  Just being open and transparent here.  Not a bad thing if you need gear and stuff and inadvertently support us too.  Thanks and happy shopping.

6 thoughts on “Partnering with Revzilla

  1. Revzilla is everything they say they are. Great place to shop.
    I’ll be sure and go thru the blog on my next order.
    You put a lot of work into your blogs and if this helps to ensure future blogs from you that is great.

    • thanks Dave and like I said any ads will only be approved by us if we are for certain they are legit and reliable. When you have a blog you get approached by so many wanna bees. ;-)

  2. Revzilla is the best in the business! I’ve been getting all my adv gear from them since 09. The customer service is outstanding. It’s almost impossible to stump one of their gear geeks with a question. Extremely knowledgeable about their products because they are all motorcycle riders that actually wear the gear.

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