ACT – Autism Community Training

ACT – Autism Community Training is an information and referral service that supports individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across British Columbia. We also welcome calls from community professionals.

This is our charity for this ride.  Please feel free to donate directly to ACT via their web page or through our ride and Paypal.  The paypal address is  or click the Donate button below!  THANK YOU!

We will be collecting money throughout the ride and making a donation at the end.

No donation is too small!

This website contains a wealth of information. If you need help finding resources relevant to your situation please call to speak with an ACT Information Officer for individualized support.

cellphone 604-205-5467 – toll-free 1-866-939-5188
or icon-email email

A face for our cause!

Our neighbours, Harry & Sue….”Thanks Cheryl and Leslie for participating in this very exciting adventure and worthy fundraiser. Like many families, we have benefited greatly from the work and support of ACT. We say this confidently both as parents of a child with Autism and as experienced educators. We provide you and your supporters with this photo of our wonderful son, Nico (and his dog, Charlie).”
Harry and Sue

Meet Laura and Alex….this is Cheryl’s sister and nephew…another face of a young child diagnosed with Autism. Alex is a beautiful boy with the help of ACT, therapists and the love and support of his family is beginning to thrive and develop into a fine young boy.

“ACT was the first organization we learned about once we got Alex’s diagnosis. It was and is a constant and reliable source of information and support. They list everything from various therapies and consulting companies, seminars and webinars to local parent support groups. When we first got the diagnosis it was overwhelming trying to filter all of the information coming at us whilst trying to deal with our own grief. ACT was like our navigation system. We could access everything on their website from the comfort of our own home. A big thank you to ACT! And thank you again Auntie Cheryl & Leslie…coolest aunties ever!!!” from Laura

Please support ACT and know you are helping to support not only him and children just like him, but their families as well!

2 thoughts on “ACT – Autism Community Training

  1. Hi,

    great cause, I have a 4 yo son with autism and im an ADV rider….good on you for rasing money for this worthy cause. I know here in newfoundland we need all the support we can get to keep the programs going at the local society!

    good luck and have a save trip!

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