Today was motorcycle show day for us.  Although the weather really smarten up and actually was pretty nice out we drove anyway because Cheryl is not feeling well.  I think everyone in the lower mainland must have headed out to the show today because the temperature was above freezing and there was no snow coming down.


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Is this true that BMW has only added one different colour for their F650GS bikes in 2012?  SUN YELLOW with a $300 package?  As well as still offering Biarritz Blue and White Aluminum?

2012 F 650 GS (MSRP: $10,155*)

Info from BMW San Francisco

2012 F650GS Sun Yellow (color N92)



2012 F650GS White Aluminum Metallic Matte (color 924)


2012 F650GS Biarritz Blue Metallic (color 847)


Sort of like the Yellow but sure looks like BMW is trying to beef up the 650 to look likes it’s big brother the F800GS.  Disappointing if this is true that BMW has not remodeled this bike at least a bit more.  We own this bike and there is no doubt it is a GREAT bike in many aspects, but that plank seat has to go. 

I guess we wait until the 2013 models come out to see if there are any more significant changes in the mid range DS series. 

Model Year 2012 Changes (US prices)

  • Base model: option 524 (ABS) added to 100% options; base MSRP up by $900 to reflect the change in base equipment
  • Standard Package: Content changes to exclude option 524 (ABS) which is now in 100% options; net MSRP change is zero ($0) since ABS is now in base model
  • Base MSRP increase: No base MSRP increase other than the changes explained above resulting from adding ABS to the base model
  • New special model: Option N92 – Sun Yellow
  • New color: N92 (Sun Yellow / Black Silk Gloss)
  • Discontinued colors: N42 (Lava Orange Metallic)

100% Options

Code Description
524 ABS (disengageable)
588 White Turn Signals


Code Description MSRP
N92 Sun Yellow Special Model: includes option 553 (high windshield), enlarged front mud guard, wheels and mainframe in granite grey metallic, black fork, nurburg silver metallic swing arm $300
847 Biarritz Blue Metallic $0
924 White Aluminum Metallic Matte $0

Special Packages

  • None


Code Description MSRP
499 Low Suspension $250
519 Heated Grips $250
530 TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) $250
539 On Board Computer $295
553 High Windshield (only w/ N92) $0
603 Anti-Theft Alarm $395
636 Center Stand $175
774 Low Seat $0

Standard Package (MSRP: $10,700*)

Code Description
519 Heated Grips
539 On Board Computer

Premium Package

  • None