JAPAN Pushes the Blog over 1 Million

Over night Japan loving our post about The World’s Biggest Cave has pushed the blog over 1 MILLION hits.  Japan has been using Twitter to spread the word about this post and is still going strong.  We can’t really take credit as this popular post is not an original of ours but we do THANK Japan for thinking it’s cool enough to tweet.

So, thanks again to everyone who reads this BLOG, every country and region.  1 Million since July 2011 is not too shabby….we shall carry on and look forward to our next goal of 2 Million!  THANK YOU from our family to yours!

Missing 50 Countries

We are missing 50 countries….that’s all that’s left to visit this BLOG!  If you know someone in the following 50 countries tell them to check in.  :-)

190 different countries have visited this site.  1,108 flags collected. | Flag History

Missing Countries

Country Unique Visitors Last New Visitor
1. American Samoa 0 Never
2. Anguilla 0 Never
3. Antarctica 0 Never
4. British Indian Ocean Territory 0 Never
5. Burkina Faso Continue reading

Over 400,000 Hits reached tonight!

Back in January we thought we hit a milestone of 100,000 hits and then a few months later 200,000 but we never thought by June, almost the one year anniversary of this BLOG that we would be posting our count is now over 400,000!

Once again we would like to take a second to THANK everyone for stopping by whether it was just for one look around or to check out the daily post.  We have many repeat readers but every day we also get many unique visitors.

Traffic still is chiming in as I type this….an amazing few days!  We both thank all the countries for checking out two grrls from Maple Ridge, BC’s BLOG!  Just amazing and we are humbled.  We hope this continues and we can reach 500,000 in the next few months!  THANKS EVERYONE for making this BLOG rock!  At least in our minds!

Here’s to finding more adventures to ride and photos, wild life and anything to do with exploring!

Countries with over 1000 Views

Over the next few days we are going to be posting the TOP Countries who visit the BLOG as a way to highlight them and say THANKS.  Seriously, this blog started out as just something we could use to keep track of our Triumph Summer 2011 trip to Alaska and has turned out to be so much more.  We are learning about countries we never really knew before this BLOG.  We see many repeat visitors and tons of new ones each day.  It’s been so much fun to post ideas, interests and some great works of others but in some way shape or form this BLOG does have a theme.  ;-)  It may appear to be random but it really is all about Cheryl and my LOVE for adventure, animals, photography, wild life and people!  Here is a short list of some countries almost breaking 1000 hits.

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196 Countries in the World

This is wicked….there are 196 countries in the world and 164 have visited our BLOG at least once.  We are so thankful so many places have taken a look at what is going on here and seem to come back too.  I feel like we once again need to thank everyone for making this BLOG so much fun! 

Do you see your country on this map?

Welcome New Visitors!

1000′s of new visitors to our blog. Just wanted to say Welcome and hope you come back often to have a look around. There are over 350 posts and if you have any questions where to find something or questions in general feel free to ask.

Again thanks for stopping by and enjoy. Cheryl & Leslie


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Trying another theme…..so feel free to vote again….new theme as of Nov. 28th, 2011

If not please post why on this page ;-)