GoPro2 Contour ROAM and iPhone comparison

Another great review from POINT OF VIEW CAMERAS who sells in the USA, UK and of course Canada.  This time they compare the iPhone 4S, Contour Roam and GoPro2.  you be judge I know which one I think looks best….do you?

Great job Mark!

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This is news to us as we own the Contour + camera presently.  For our trip this summer we used the Contour HD 1080p and the regular Contour HD.  When we got back we were offered a free upgrade to the plus if we traded in our 1080p camera.  That was a no brainer for me.

Not sure if we will dive right into this technology but can you imagine the doors this will open while someone is on an adventure?  Cheryl and I talked about doing a live broadcast from the road to answer questions etc….but this might be even better.  I am not really a technologically gifted person hence to no live feed when we were on the road but it would have been easy to do via U Stream now that I think about it.  

Anyone out there…would you use something like this???

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