More Expenses

As someone pointed out on the ADV Rider forum

44 Days – we also had free lodging in Anchorage for 4 nights so that brings us down to actually 40 days of riding.

Gas and Lodging

$2447 + $1664 = $4111 / 44 days =$93.43 per day / 2 people = $46.71 a day per person

And to add

Groceries, including food, snacks, beer etc…

About $900

Ferries, flight over McKinley and other side track adventures

About $1000

Total for 2 of us

$6000 approximately

Gas expenses for Both Tigers


We thought it was going to be much higher.

Lodging and Camping Expenses

Total for 44 days is:  $2447

This can be done for way less if we camped more. The weather did not cooperate in the way we like to camp. Rain does not fair well with us sleeping outside.  We had to remind ourselves this was our vacation too, an easy way to justify a motel.   Anyone doing this trip can probably save about $600 if lodging choices were more frugal. Gas costs coming up.

Some STATS and our Plea

Here are some stats, over 220,000 Facebook views of our page, over 180,000 hits to our ride report on the ADV forum and almost 37,000 unique hits to our BLOG. We are really short of our goal. $5 for half of these folks would be HUGE. Think about it and learn how to donate right here on our BLOG under the ACT page.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support and great comments!

BMW Pick Up Day & First Impressions

August 16th 2011

We went to Western Powersports in Langley to pick up our bikes this morning.  Funny thing is the manager did not know we were coming.  Communication issues we guess.  I tried to inform the dealer what we thought needed to be looked at and more about the stalling concerns.  So, hopefully while the Tigers are at the dealer Triumph will want them to break down the bikes, see what got worn, fix the stalling, and then service them etc. 

I am not too optimistic that the bikes will be returning to our house but I have been surprised in the past.  I mean, Triumph did loan them to us in the first place right?

In any case, we are back on our Beemers and in the end we are just happy we have bikes to ride.  We would love to continue to ride the Tigers because after we rode our BMW’s home it was clear the road comfort and size of the Tigers appeals to us more now than ever.  As Cheryl says in this video you are about to watch, “we have outgrown our 650′s.”  Not about brand or who is better, about class of bike, size, power and comfort.

Picking up our Beemers today

***Maybe I will video and take pictures of our BMW pick up day!  After all, this is still part of the post report isn’t it?***

It is unknown if we will become the owners of the Tigers we rode for 44 days.  They will be dropped off at Western Powersports in Langley, BC so the bikes can be looked over, hopefully get the stalling issues rectified and maybe Triumph might even learn a thing or two as to how the bikes really held up throughout our adventure.

I hope they can check things like the chains, sprockets, cables, our air filters most likely are quite dirty again, fluids (all seems OK), wear and tear in general.

We hope by the end of the week there will be a better understanding of the cost to us if we were to buy these bikes.  The offer has to be a good one because the cost of this trip overall was high but well worth it.

Anyone thinking of traveling to the north need to be prepared for high prices for gas, food   and some lodging options where there are no options.  For instance if you ride the Dempster or Dalton your choices are slim to none for safe housing and that comes at a cost.  We will be posting our expenses soon, but by all means many can do this trip a lot cheaper than we did.  Due to the weather being so wet we did not camp as much as we wanted to.  Having said that many would have just sucked it up and set up outside anyways.

So, hopefully we will get our BMW bikes back today and only time will tell if Cheryl & Leslie will own the Tigers which we found to be just a great all around bike.

First picture of us after we arrived Deadhorse at the end of the Dalton Highway.  Picture was taken by Ray Jardine, our new friend from the road.  Ray is a well known inventor of the rock climbing tool called the “Friend”.  Google his name, great adventurer and neat guy.

Just TIGERS MEGA picture update

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