Customizing Cheryl’s F800GS

Recycled some old farkles from our BMW 650’s to the new 2013 F800GS…Cheryl’s bike is taking form…waiting still for hand guards from Barkbusters, getting Rox Risers Low pro for both bikes….they are on order…and still wondering which crash bars we will both get.  TBD…researching the new and improved bars coming out for the new fairing.  Jesse Luggage mounts went on just fine and we are both glad to be able to keep the luggage that we started all this ADV riding stuff with.

We are also waiting on Cee Bailey to update their shield for this bike!

Still have to install the permanent Gerbings temperature controller….


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Jesse Mounts Check!

One thing that is good about having to remove luggage mounts from a bike is you get the chance to revive them.  A little BBQ paint and they are good as new.  These are Cheryl’s Jesse mounts before she reinstalled them on her 800.  I did the same for my future 800 that should be in hopefully in a few weeks.

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Farkles for the 2013 BMW F800GS – ask before buying

It appears that BMW may have changed a few things on their new model. As for the frame, that seems to be the same as previous years so things like skid plates, luggage mounts etc should fit. But other accessories other than BMW parts might not fit. ADV Spec crash bars will not fit…so..hmmmm..has the frame changed too?
. ADV Spec has informed me that they believe their bars will fit as the frame seems once again to be the same as previously stated. They are not sure how their originals will look until they test them out on a new 2013. Stay turned!

We have found out this…our BMW hand guards do not fit as is, Touratech also right now do not have guards for this year bike. That would also mean Barkbuster hand guards need to be tweaked. I am waiting to hear back from them directly but one could assume they are running into the same fit issue.

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TOURATECH Zega Pro 38L Top Case – Ultimate Urban Motorcycle Accessory

We have been using Jesse Luggage for years now and there have been many times when Cheryl has said…I want try Touratech’s Zega Pro system.  One thing that would concern me if you dump the bikes real good, would the sides of the panniers bend to the point the rim would be effected and the lid would not fit?? Anyone have any experience with my concerns? They sure look the part eh?

Touratech’s 38L Zega Pro Top Case System will transform your favorite motorcycle into an urban utility vehicle.

Quick stops in the city, creative parking, easy access and running errands are made easier with a Zega Pro Top Case System. The ultimate urban accessory, Touratech’s 38L Zega Pro Top Case provides safe and secure storage on the tail of the motorcycle and features a lockable quick release mount that allows the case to be attached to the back of the bike in just seconds. Continue reading

Triumph Tiger 800 Jesse Luggage & more

Gave the Jesse luggage we used on our 2011 Alaska Summer Adventure a bath today.  Why? Because Al Jesse has one of his PR guys working with us to eventually sell these panniers and Al has kindly offered to donate the money raised to our charity ACT-Autism Community Training.  Below is ACT’s thanks back in September 2011.

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Here are a few pictures of Cheryl installing our Jesse Safari panniers on Cheryl’s BMW when we first got her bike in December 2009.  We are fans of the Jesse luggage system because of its lean profile and no drag effect on our bikes.  We used Jesse Odyssey panniers on the Triumph Tiger 800 XC bikes this summer as well. Again, lean profile, very innovative mounting system, sturdy and we think great looking too.  Also, the mounts do not attach to the fender at all.  They use the frame of the bike only and that is something we like too.  I have also included other farkles we have added once we got the bikes and still have them all on our bikes presently.

For the Triumph Tiger Al Jesse has made the mounts very specific for the Tiger by adding a very cool T800 detail.

***For the record the main reason we did not take the Triumph Luggage on our trip to Alaska ( I have been asked many times why) was because the mounting system for the Triumph bags is made out of plastic.

According to our “sources” the mount is right off the Triumph Sprint ST system.  Based on a type of swivel motion that allows the rear portion of the mount to move when the bike leans.  That part of the mount made us nervous not only because it is made to move with the bike but if we had dropped or crashed the Tigers we were pretty certain this part would break easily.  Can’t remember where I read an actual magazine review out of the 100’s that are out there, but I think our theory was proven when a media test rider dumped the bike in sand and the mounting system broke making it unusable. 

The back piece also hits the bags when in a lean or turn.  What I mean is it is not attached to the panniers and again like I said made to move.  With all the pounding the Tigers took up north we also were not sure if the plastic panniers would be able to take all the constant impact over time without jeopardizing the integrity of the bags.  Constant banging in the same spot we believed would eventually takes its toll on the outer shell of the Triumph panniers.  We could be wrong but for a true ADV panniers system we feel things need to be secure and attached with no ability to move.

So, in the end we are confident although we did not crash or test the Jesse mounts or bags that we made the right decision.  Until Triumph makes a true ADV durable mount for their Tiger we would not recommend their luggage system.  Again just our opinion.

Here is what our mount looks like on the Beemer

We have the 8 inch bags.  Jesse now offers the Safari in 9 inch bags which if we ever had to buy again we would actually like that extra one inch room. On the Triumph bikes the bags we had 10 inch and still managed to stay within the handle bars width wise.  Here is a pic of the bags on Cheryl’s Tiger she rode.

I do not like the idea of having luggage that is much wider than the handle bars to be honest.  Just my opinion.

Non can side is a bigger pannier.  We were able to fit all our gear, camping etc for our Cross Country Trip in 2010 in these panniers.  We also have the 45L top box.  The lid liner Jesse sells is an awesome way to utilize that space and they come with a little bracket to keep the liner in place so nothing falls down when you open and close the lids.

Here is the complete pannier system on my bike

Jesse skid plates are on both our bikes.  Not the most substantial skid plate on the market but so far so good.  We have hit quite a few boulders and other obstacles and this plate remains intact. 

Jesse offers crash bars too.  This is a picture of his first version.  Since then Jesse has added more stability to the bars at any weak points.

I have tested these bars only with laying the bike down for a snooze.  No crashes but with the weight of the bike on its side the bars did not move at all.  A little touch up paint they are as good as new.

Hard to see in this picture but if you look closely you can see more supports in the new version of the Jesse crash bars that we have on our bikes now.  I will try to get a better picture soon.

Good view of the bags when they were BRAND new.  I still have the stock tires on the bike too! :-)

Cheryl’s bike loaded with new bags

We both have the Cee Bailey shields 16 inch Euro version.  I think if we were to replace the shield we would get the 18 inch.  Both shields are still looking good despite all the crap that gets on them.  Easy to clean but are showing some wear and tear with scratches.We have also added an OEM bracket to stabilize the shield more for the bumps.

Good view of the system outdoors

Take away the four Helen Two wheels black bags on the side of our Thermarest pads and this is what we fit in our Jesse 8 inch bags for our summer 2010 Cross Country trip.  Cheryl is an amazing packer.

Adding the Denali LED lighting system to our bikes has been a HUGE benefit not only for the rider and expanded view of the road but for others to see us.  I have these on almost all the time I ride for the extra visibility and safety.

Small but powerful

Our GPS is a Garmin Zumo 660 mounted using a Tourtech system.  GPS stays on Cheryl’s bike because I suck with navigation even with a GPS. ;-)

The 2 of us enjoying a cozy dinner after a rainy ride, what else is new for us on our trip down the Oregon Coast in April of 2010.

Me in our OLD gear that would get soak in the rain and also this picture was after we rode through a mountain pass in Oregon in April and got caught in a snow storm, 2010.  We were both happy that we made it through.

So that is our set up for the Beemers.  If and when we ever get new bikes we would make sure we have all the same accessories.  Not sure if they would all be Jesse stuff but overall we are more than satisfied with his ability to make more than just great luggage!

Glacier National Park 2010

Riding on the the Sun Road was a treat on our Cross Country trip in the Summer of 2010.  We actually had views although it took us 4 hours to do the 60 miles because of the traffic, I guess you can call us lucky that we had a nice day.  Both Cheryl & I would love to see this road closed to all traffic but bikes for one day out of the season so we can really ride the road the way 2 wheels want to ride.  :-)  Glad we got to include this on our trip!

There are so many beautiful places to travel right here in North America that we need to get to on top of the rest of the world.  So many miles or KM’s out there yet to be explored but some day.

Tent Set Up

believe it or not some have message me and asked how we set up our tent.  Not sure why but here we are on Saturday night, October 1st, 2o11 at Salt Creek County Campground in Washington State.  Near Joyce, WA on the Olympic Peninsula.  If you watch the video it is sort of funny sped up.  Takes about 12 minutes to get everything done including the Thermarest pads and sleeping bags etc….we even have pillows. ;-)

Olympic Peninsula Pics Con’t


The leaves still don't seem to be at their fall peak

Whenever I see these signs I expect the worse but it's always not that bad

My favorite pic from the trip for some reason

Hardly any traffic

Leslie's bike

Cheryl's bike

Both bikes are pretty loaded for ADV riding and of course fairing protection.  The Denali LED lights are a huge asset for not only increased visibility for the rider but just an important for others to see us.  Riding in front of Cheryl even during the day they really stand out.  At night you can’t miss them.

Motooverland kickstand extender - Brand new and fits perfectly! Check it out. Made for the F800 and F650

Sections of the roads were very twistie and fun to ride

Sraying on the pavement, Cheryl needs a new chain and sprockets preety badly by now. 32000 KM on the BMW OEM chain and sprockets

We have been on this ferry to Port Townsand many times and well worth the $10.90 for both bikes

Some people who do not ride ask me “why so many pictures of your bikes?”  Well, because they are beautiful.  :-)

Port Townsand

what would it be like without rain for a Cheryl & Leslie's ride?

cool General Store, nice owners too

Heading down to Salt Creek Campground

Watch out for deer, we arrived at dusk

there is a private campground called Crescent Beach to the right

Our site for the nite

this view was right next to our site

we were all prepared for a cold night with our new sleeping bags but it was only 8 Celsius over night

no rain over night

heading out for some food to cook at the site before dark

so vute, why would anyone want to hunt and eat these guys?

never has to worry about it getting dark while in Alaska this summer

warmed up sandwiches for dinner, fire comes in handy more ways than one

nothing too fancy

Some nice folks offered us dry wood to help with our fire.  Most campers at this site had truck loads of their own firewood.  We?  not so much but we got help.

Cheryl always has to climb some tree

morning sunrise

Cheryl and I both agree there is something really special about the ocean and being by water

while Cheryl slept, I took a tour of the bluffs

Our breakfast for champions. Not!

why is it that while on the road cornbeef hash tastes so good?

we got poured on camping in Seabeck

trying to light a fire in the rain, worked for a bit but then bit the dust

we were the only tenters at the State campground and there was a 5th wheeler parked too

just not working in the rain

Kudos goes to our Mutha Hubba tent. Kept everything dry including us

Forest Ranger dude said they get 65 inches of rain a year in the area. He also brought us coffee to our site but we had no mugs! Nice guy!

another short ferry to ride to Edmonds, WA

we arrived with only 10 mins to spare before the ferry took off

off the Peninsula now and heading home

The Canadian Border and the completed loop. 983 or so KM.

Cross Country Trip 2010 – A montage of the last few days

Just made a short video showing the last few days of our Cross Country trip last year on our Beemers.  We were doing our best to avoid heading home.  Interesting though we got home August 11th 2010 last year and this year we ended on august 11th, 2011.  That was not planned. 

Last years trip was 26 days with riding for 23.  We saw 17 States, 5 provinces and did about 11870 KM.  This year we were away for 44 days, rode for about 37 and did almost 14,000 KM. 

Our Beemers and New Contour + Camera

Cheryl and I got to take a nice fun ride on Sunday, September 25th, 2011 on a forest road near our house.  Stave Lake Road near Mission, BC.  There has been a lot of construction work done on the road so it is actually really easy to ride now but still a nice way to get off the main highway.

I am going to start a new BLOG soon that will be all about our motorcycle journey’s, adventures and just our passion for these bikes no matter the brand or make.  We are keeping ourselves not married to a brand because we never know what we might own next.  For now, it is the advgrrls and our 2010 BMW F650GS/798 bikes.

I will post the new BLOG link here just in case any of the subscribers want to carry on with us in one way or another.

Last Batch from our 44 Day Adventure

Loon Bay right outside 100 Mile House BC, Our pit stop for 3 nights before heading home!




The cutest BUTT there is!



We loved this little cabin!
























































Most likely will be starting a new BLOG just about our motorcycle travels in general and no matter what bikes we own that will be our BLOG from now on.  Feel free to leave a comment if anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Highlight Pictures Continued

I was not supposed to stop and take this picture, learned that after I took it




















Maclaren River Lodge dogs, Bandit is the Black and White and forgot the other dogs name, GREAT LODGE, GREAT PEOPLE!


Maclaren River Lodge, Denali Highway






















Ewan McGregor's Rim from Long Way Round @ The Motorcycle Shop in Anchorage!


Our air Filters which initially were thought to be the cause of our stalling problems. This was after about 9000 KM. Cheryl's is the one on the right.


Cheryl's air filter. She always following me


Our gracious ADV hosts, Gary & Deb! from Anchorage!






Pics Continued & Later Our Intro to Our Beemers

Dawson City Ferry

Top of the World

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