KLIM’s ALTITUDE Gore Tex Shell – Part II the PANTS

All pics are clickable for larger versions – Let me preference this review by saying I am just your average run of the mill female ADV rider and all my reviews are honest based on WHAT I believe and hope they are  useful somehow.  Had to get that out because I get many emails from folks criticizing I am not an expert…no kidding…i know that and completely aware. ;-) Now, on to my initial review.

Repeating some of the intro stuff from my jacket review for those who did not read that from Saturday.  

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KLIM’s ALTITUDE Gore Tex Shell – Part I the Jacket

**Please all women interested in this Jacket please try it on with your liner of choice before you buy it.  The collar could be an issue regarding how tight it will feel around your neck.  TRY THIS suit on in general before BUYING!  It will be in your BEST interest…trust me!**

Let me preference this review by saying I am just your average run of the mill female ADV rider and all my reviews are honest based on WHAT I believe and hope they are  useful somehow.  Had to get that out because I get many emails from folks criticizing I am not an expert…no kidding…i know that and completely aware. ;-) Now, on to my initial review.

Today I will review the Jacket and for tomorrow I will review the pants. PICS  are all clickable for larger versions

**Remember to support your dealers who sell KLIM.  Not everyone does.  My dealer Pacific Motosports does, and for all you online buyers again shop Revzilla through this blog…great online company.  Tons a great companies and more seem to carrying the great line of KLIM products.

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Quick update about the KLIM Altitude

ALT jacket

Going back to KLIM Canada today with hopes I can get the sizing I need. I think since I am so used to wearing guy sizing I was a bit surprised by not only the jacket and it’s cut but also the pants. The KLIM Altitude jacket is more tailored than a guys jacket obviously. But seems to me to be too tailored in it’s cut. Made for a Tall lean gal versus a regular height kinda athletic build.

The pants run BIG…so if anyone grrl is looking at this suit, if you wear a 12 in pants I bet you would be a 10 in this suit. The jacket I got was a medium. Even with the side hip gators open the jacket was incredibly tight across the bust line…I am NOT busty and in the shoulders..I am not that broad. So, I hope a Large jacket and size 12 pants will fit my shape. I also hope I can just bring this suit back to the Langley warehouse which is 20 mins away from my house versus having to ship it back and pick up a new suit directly from the warehouse.  Continue reading

Interview with KLIM about their new Female gear the Altitude

You will have to go to these gals web site to listen to the actual interview..scroll to the bottom of the page and listen to the details that went into developing gear that we women want to wear because it’s tough not just pretty…


a Terrific Motorcycle Podcast


Did KLIM do what many of ADV grrls in general wanted?  Thanks Colleen for pointing me to REVZILLA (look to your right and click on the RevZilla widget to check this suit out)  who has the new KLIM Altitude Gore Tex Suit for women on their website.  Due out March 1st, 2014, KLIM said they would introduce a suit for females, similar to the Misano Latitude and I have to admit this sure looks like it.  Will they add black as an option?  I can’t wait to try this on for size literally.  I bought my Traverse gear in 2010 and I am ready to have a suit that fits better.  Retail price on par with the guys…$569.99 for the jacket and $489.99 for pants.  Not cheap but it’s female KLIM gear!!!! ;-)  Thoughts????

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Do female ADV riders really need special gear names and colours?

So, we see in this video some KLIM dirt bike apparel in the making, there is supposed to be an ADV line coming out in March 2014 as well.  Cheryl and I feel like we have been waiting a long time to see KLIM’s female gear and what exactly have they come up with for the gals out there to wear.  I have said all along that I was confused as to why the R&D of this line has taken so long…

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A Real Dual Sport H20 Proof Suit in GRRL Sizing



We hope KLIM gets their act together and come out with a DUAL SPORT suit in female sizing that is the same quality as the guys in the very near future.  We LOVE KLIM but it seems other companies such as BMW are a head of the game treating grrls as equals when it comes to the ADV suits.

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Klim Introduces Girl’s Gear – Really GIRL’S GEAR?????

Source:Enduro 360


Dear KLIM! You know we as advgrrls LOVE your gear, but let’s not over do it when it comes to PINK and calling us girls. We took your survey and I bet many did too. It’s grrls or women I mean really??? The pink piping might appeal to some but those who ride ADV bikes I hardly doubt will be interested in PINK, we just want good gear, equal to the guys that fit our bods! ;-)

This is just one part of the completely new 2013 line from Klim.


with 2013 KTM 690 Duke

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Polaris Industries Plans For World Domination


What do you think about this “monopoly” happening in this market?

February 4, 2013 By

Photographer :  Jeff Allen

Polaris Industries at Long Beach Int'l Motorcycle Show

What is Polaris Industries up to? The Minnesota-based outfit is buying companies across a wide product range: electric-car makers GEM and Goupil Industrie, engineering and prototype firm Swissauto, outdoor-gear-
maker KLIM and even Indian. An all-new Indian powered by a redrawn V-Twin engine is expected from Polaris’ Spirit Lake, Iowa, plant this year. There is also a “strategic partnership” with electric-motorcycle-producer Brammo. Continue reading


Addition of KLIM enhances Polaris offerings in the parts, garments and accessories market

THANKS DAVE for the heads up!

MINNEAPOLIS (December 6, 2012) — Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced the acquisition of Teton Outfitters, LLC, a privately owned, Rigby, Idaho-based company which designs, develops and distributes KLIM Technical Riding Gear. Calendar year 2012 sales for KLIM are anticipated to approach $30 million. KLIM is an industry leader in technical riding gear. This acquisition adds KLIM to Polaris’ growing parts, garments and accessories (PG&A) business. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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On Location | KLIM

Sounds too good to be true but apparently it is!

Rigby Idaho is central to some of the world’s most authentic, adventuresome and demanding riding conditions. It’s no wonder why KLIM creates the most technical riding gear available… we live where it’s most needed!


Seems like the folks who ride in humid climates may have gotten their wish!
If you LOVE KLIM like we do we always LOVE reading about their new stuff…we will however, resist buying anything new until all their new gear gets a great work out by others.  One thing about KLIM is sometimes they release new gear without testing it enough.  Seems like a new generation of a released suit is right around the corner.  We found this out with the Latitude Suits we bought.  There were issues for us with the stiffness and the collar.  There is a new Latitude suit released as well and that suit has been out for not even a year.  Still LOVE KLIM, but will sit back before dropping $$$ on anything new.  We ride with our KLIM Traverse suite for now.
New KLIM Adventure Gear Unveiled at INTERMOT

Adventure-Spec’s “Road Warriors” 2012

This ADV riding makes ours look like a walk in the park…amazing pics and story!

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Dave

There had been a lot of focus on the outstanding achievements of our sponsored racers this year, with good reason due to their incredible results (Graham Jarvis, Lyndon Poskitt and Stan Watt), so now their various expeditions are in progress we thought we’d switch the focus to our supported Adventure Riders

2012 sees groundbreaking rides in progress from the Husaberg Adventure Team, Sibirsky Extreme and Continental Drift riders.

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