Summer Trip 2012 – July 9th & 10th

Starting out mileage

After waking up to an unusual thunder and lightning storm passing through I could see some light coming through the dark ominous clouds.  Prediction for the weather was to be sunny and hot for Maple Ridge, as well as HOT on the road.  Well, the sun came out in Maple Ridge for us to leave at 0615 and man did we get ourselves into some HEAT after crossing over the Northern Cascades.  The above picture is the obligatory beginning of a trip mileage shot of my odometer.  Continue reading

KLIM’s Second Annual Adventure Summit This July

We are having problems figuring out where to go for at least one ride this summer.  KLIM has their annual ride and here is all the info one would ever want.  I hope we can make this event if we both can get off work…anyone going to go?

Daily rides leaving from base camp (on the Snake River) will show you the way to great views and good times.

April 27 2012

Stan Watt, 2012 Dakar Crescent KTM rider, talks navigation, bikes and kit

Very technical riding in the Dakar…amazing what they have on their bikes and off!   Watch this video if you are interested in how a bike is prepared for such a rally.  The camera man has issues with focusing…obviously using auto focus.  ;-)



Stan Watt, 2012 Dakar Crescent KTM rider, talks technical, explaining the array of vitally important navigational devices he’ll be using to find his way across the treacherous South American stages of the rally, key features of his KTM race bike and the kit that he’ll be wearing throughout the race.

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