Once again thanks Gary from AK for this great idea for a posting.  It’s that time of year when many of you will be heading up to Alaska for your own adventure.  This time last year we were planning our own Northern excursion.  So, we are envious of those who will be making this trip.  The Dalton Highway is a MUST ride and getting yourself to Deadhorse in one piece would be the goal.  ;-)  Here is a great web site which has all the information you will need to learn about the Dalton and it’s services or should I say lack of services.  Bring extra gas and enjoy this unpredictable yet beautiful highway!

I have also included some previous posts of ours that shows you where we stayed and a place where you can change your tires or oil!

Adventure Cycleworks


Dan the man

If anyone has questions about this road and what you might experience please feel free to post in the comments. Continue reading


We stayed at the University before and after riding the Dalton Highway.  They rent rooms for $46/night, per person and you get 2 twin beds, shared bathroom, common showers, WIFI, sheets, pillow, soap, towels, free laundry and even a TV room with pool table.  On campus cafeteria and for $10.30 each you get buffet style food.
That reminds me, the cafeteria food although was not that bad, both Cheryl and I seemed to not really like it about an hour after we ate the “buffet”  if you know what I mean.

University of Alaska at Fairbanks to Wiseman (408 KM)

July 14th 2011

I was up really early this morning about 0430.  Guess you can say I was anxiously awaiting to get back on the road and see what the Dalton Highway was all about.  We checked out by 0620 and were on our way to Prudhoe Bay.  It’s a long ride to the actual beginning of the highway, all pavement from Fairbanks but a nice ride with some decent curves and views.

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July 13th 2011

Left the dorms early this morning to ride up to Chena Hot Springs for a quick tour of the Ice Museum.

Some info about where we went today and then pictures.



Fairbanks, Alaska is the capital of ice art in the world and home to the World Ice Art Championships. Many top ice artists in the world make Fairbanks their home.

The Aurora Ice Museum was built as a way to boost tourism at Chena Hot Springs Resort, located 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks while simultaneously offering year-round employment for Steve Brice 15 time world ice carving champion and wife Heather Brice six time world ice carving champion. Continue reading