“Oasis in the Middle of Nowhere”

Dalton Highway is North of Fairbanks

ADVGRRLS Review of BOREAL LODGE off the DALTON HIGHWAY on Trip Adviser

Much nicer and cheaper than Coldfoot!  You should remember this place if you are going to ride the Dalton! ;-) We promised the owners of this lodge we would post a review on Trip Adviser and I finally got around to doing just that…the review was just approved.

We rode our motorcycles up the Dalton Highway this summer, 2011 and were told about this Lodge by some fellow ADV riders. Much better than the Coldfoot accommodations and half the price. Only about 13 miles north of Coldfoot and 3 miles off the Dalton and you get a wonderful host family, clean facilities and just a nice place to stay warm for the night en-route to Deadhorse. Don’t expect cook meals but the main Lodge has some canned goods and staple foods for you to buy. Coldfoot is not far away if yo must have someone cook for you.

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Wiseman to Deadhorse part II Dalton Highway (371 KM)

I have read so many ride reports by other motorcyclists and have seen so many pictures of Alaska and some of the places we have been, but to be living and doing it all ourselves is a whole other story.  The vastness of the Alaskan Tundra is almost overwhelming.  We feel so small when riding our bikes through the mountains and plains.  The views are staggering and makes us wonder why anyone would live up here throughout the winters. 

The owner of the Boreal Lodge, Heidi said that her family reside in Wiseman because that is where she was raised.  She said all winter is mainly spent trying to keep everything from freezing and lying low.  It can get to minus 50 or 60 degrees F in Wiseman.  Even colder in Deadhorse.  Deadhorse is an industrial “town” open 365 days a year, 24/7.  Spoke to some guys who work here and they say there are 2 shifts. Winter and Summer.  When I asked if they made a lot of money to be so remote and away from their families, I got a laugh and no answer. Continue reading