Rocky Mountain High– 520.8 KM Routes 1 to 93 to 16

Before we forget from last night before bedtime, once again Cheryl showing me how to pack things away the right way. In this case our stools.

Alaska June 30 11 Revelstoke to Hinton C (2)

and what better view of our bike then from inside our tent

Alaska June 30 11 Revelstoke to Hinton C (3)

Early start this morning at 0500. Wanted to get the camp broken down before the rain started. During our delicious breakfast of peanut butter and raisin oatmeal in a bag Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (1)

we had a visit from a very cheeky chipmunk.

Cheeky Chipmunk

Reorganized our stuff and and packed up by 0700 and off we were towards Hinton, BC not before we had a chance to meet a little family of ducks at the campground.

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (2)

First pit stop was Rogers Pass in very cold (6 degrees Celsius) rainy weather. We managed to stay dry and warm wearing our KLIM gear and Gerbring heated liner and gloves. Heated grips would have been nice, but OH well…they were not installed.

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (6)Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (4)Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (5)

Heading towards Banff National Park there were so many views to die for. We have been through this area many times before but at this time of year. As a matter of fact we were here last year in August. The snow and cool temperature changes while riding were impressive and so were the mountains. Most of the day there were many low clouds that allowed to get a peak or two at the summits. Just an amazing area for any rider to visit.

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (15)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (17)

We will just let the pictures speak for themselves!

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (19)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (7)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (8)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (9)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (10)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (11)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (12)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (13)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (14)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (16)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (18)

Banff and Jasper National Parks were full of no surprises. Beautiful views, crazy outrageous weather and really nice roads to ride. One thing too many cars!

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (23)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (20)Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (21)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (22)

In Banff National Park this is how cold it was…

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (24)

Seriously we could have stopped every mile and just took pictures. Breath taking and the smells of the forest were amazing. So much cedar. No real wildlife yet. Just a cute deer but that is not a bad thing, less things to worry about hitting.

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (28)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (25)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (26)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (27)

The Famous Columbia Ice fields – Glaciers and tacky tourists can even take a bus tour on to the glacier!

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (32)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (29)

Alaska June 30 11 - Revelstoke to Hinton (30)

We cruised through Jasper wanting to get to Hinton. Tomorrow is a BIG day. Last year on the last few days of our cross country trip we came through Hinton on our way to Clearwater, BC. There is the turn off for the scenic Alaska Highway right outside Hinton. Last year in August we were tempted to turn right after 4 weeks on the road and head to Alaska and not go back to work. Well, this year we are back and will be turning and making that right to head NORTH to explore territory that neither one of has ever been. The real ADVENTURE truly begins July 1st, 2011 Canada Day!

Alaska June 30 11 Revelstoke to Hinton C (4)



Today Day 1 Maple Ridge to Revelstoke, BC

What a day!  Before we left this morning, our neighbour Nico came by to say good luck.  Nico has Autism and is wearing one of our ACT t-shirts.  ACT kindly made business cards, decals and T-shirts for our Adventure to Alaska.  Way to go ACT!

Here is Nico at about 0800 this morning.

After this nice visit Cheryl and I headed off in the rain to Western Powersports for our send off.

Got a few photos taken, did a little interview and even our friends Brad & Teri stopped by as well as Robert from MTR SPORTS.  Thanks guys!

We both began our 45 day trip in the pouring rain and headed northeast to Revelstoke.  The weather was awful until we came around a bend on Rt 5 in Merrit, BC and low and behold the rain stopped, the sun was peeking through the clouds and it went from 15 degrees Celsius to over 20.  Sunglasses came out, layers came off and we were both very content.  The bikes?  Well, so far they are just awesome and although we have only ridden on the pavement, they are very very sweet bikes.  Gas mileage not so good but to be expected since they are brand new.

On the way out today we stopped by Cheryl’s mother and step father’s house in Hope.  Rain and more rain but had a great lunch and short visit. Before we got to Hope we were heading down Highway 1, also known as the Trans Canada Highway (Goes from Eastern Canada to West) we found the road closed by Chilliwack.  We saw RCMP vehicles racing to what appeared to be no where.  Later we found out there was a huge mud slide and possible a car trapped as well as some Train cars too.  have to look on the news for an update.  We are lucky to have missed it because it must have just happened as we tried to take the highway.

This is what we got to see when it cleared up heading towards the Shuswap/Interior of BC

Of course we have to have a shot with a RCMP cruiser

This is typical Leslie trying to do things that make no sense.  In this case trying to get her camera over her helmet.  NOT!

So here we are at a KOA for WIFI camping out and I am wondering where my last batch of pics went???? Hmmmmmmmmmm…in any case, mosquitoes are out, Cheryl has a fire going and I must run.  Tomorrow we head for Hinton, Alberta.  Hope you SPOT is working and you all can track us! Later from Revelstoke, BC.

This morning at Western Powersports – June 29th 2011

Just a little video before we took off this morning in the pouring rain!

Twas the night before Alaska…..

Well…we got the bikes today and got home around 2:30 PM.  It is now 10:20 PM and we are just about all packed and set up for this trip.  We had to install our top boxes and other little things and then Cheryl the amazing packer fit all our “crap” in our luggage.  This time around compared to last years cross country trip we are bringing more tools and we have back tire tubes, tire irons etc.  On our Beemers the tires are tubeless so we need to be prepared for roadside tire maintenance.

Looks like it might shower or rain tomorrow.  Nothing new for us in the Vancouver area but sure wold be nice if the rain would hold off until we got out of the lower mainland.

Here are some pics from today and tonight’s last minute prep and we are going to try and get some sleep for an early departure from our house around 0830 to be at Western Powersports in Langley by 0900.  So, tomorrow is official we leave and day 1 of our Alaskan Adventure!

Cheryl is fresh in this pic
Mean looking eh?
Some important decals
installing more stuff
Cheryl's cousin, Taylor lives with us and will be taking care of our pets and house
Still working
All this fits on our luggage no problem
Cheryl had to grind some of the kick stand foot print to clear the center stand

Superman will be maing the trip with us

That is it until the next post from the road. Hope we can keep this up and add some beautiful pictures and stories.  Out for now and we have 45 days to explore, just the two of us and well, I guess we will find out!

1 Day to GO and still no bikes in our garage???

One day to go and no bikes in our garage. hmmmmmmmmm……now we are just hoping to be able to pick them up by early afternoon tomorrow but we really do not know if this will happen. Last year we were ready to go and relaxing at this point and well, as far as relaxing?? Not so much. Still have quite a prep to do on our part. Good news though, the license plates have apparently arrived from Ontario today.

Something different….My other passion Bald Eagles

Donation Announcement and Big Thanks!

Cheryl & I would like to send out a HUGE thanks to SmartCentres from Ontario for their very generous donation to ACT-Autism Community Training on behalf of our ride.  Thank you so much for supporting ACT and our adventure of a lifetime.  We hope more will follow your lead for this wonderful organization.

If anyone needs info how to donate to ACT please see the ACT tab in the header of this BLOG!  Just awesome to have donations coming in even before we leave!

4 Days to go!

We hope the bikes will return to our garage Monday.  Waiting on the license plates coming from Ontario.  Triumph Canada own the bikes and is the insurer.  The first plates were sent Canada Post.  Bad idea since they are on strike.  Second set sent via courier and are due in Monday.  We have some little things left to do ourselves to the bikes and then Wednesday we are off free of anymore “planning”.  Oh what a day that will be.  2 more shifts of work for me…Leslie, Cheryl has to put in sometime at her work on Monday and that is all she wrote! 🙂

Jesse Luggage is on!

These are the Odyssey bags, 10 inch. We traveled last year with Jesse Safari 8 inch bags plus top box. We are thinking we might not need to top box that Al Jesse sent us and just use a Triumph dry bag with the panniers. We will see how the packing goes.

Bikes are back at the dealer to get serviced, more farkles and tires mounted. So, in the meantime here is a little town store near our house and of course the bikes with luggage now. We managed to get almost 600KM’s on the bikes over the last day or so…not the 1000KM they wanted.

Jesse bags

Common around our area, float planes because of the Fraser River, this is for the folks who are reading this BLOG and are not from around here!

Bruce’s market our corner store here in Maple Ridge

It was about 26 degrees Celsius today…82 F. Finally maybe summer has arrived???

The Canadian Border

Note to self, when bringing across the border promo motorcycle luggage have a letter that states all luggage will be returned to the manufacturer and will not be sold in Canada.  You see we are borrowing luggage from Al Jesse, Jesse Luggage in Arizona and this stuff is not cheap.  I had an invoice stating $0 and that we have 6 months to return them to Al Jesse after our trip.  Not good enough for the border guards.  Spent an hour being interrogated as to whether or not I was importing the luggage for commercial sale.

We often have items ship to SHIP HAPPENS in Sumas, WA and in this case we had to use the border because of the Canada Post strike.  Did not want to risk not having any accessories we bought not get across the border in time.

The guard kept saying “why do you not have a contract?”  “Why would this company just give you all this luggage to use without a contract?”  I kept saying “I promised Al Jesse to return them.”  Guard, “really?  And why would he believe you?”  Me, “because in the ADV motorcycle world we are honorable people?”  🙂 Guard, “this makes no sense, can you see if from my perspective? We really need to charge you tax on the value of the goods and you can try to apply for a tax refund when you do send them back.”

Me, “but you are taxing me on something I did not buy.”  In meanwhile the guard in the back ground, a young man who rides a V-Strom was on the phone with Al Jesse and eventually came back to say, “I just spoke to Al and your story checks out.”  After that all requests for $$ went away and both guards became interested in our trip.  The whole tone of the conversation changed from an inquisition to them being inquisitive. That took about almost 3 hours out of our day!  Too funny but I learned a lesson or two about borrowing gear.

Last night and most of the afternoon was spent installing the Jesse mounts for both bikes.  We had pictures to go by and managed to get both racks on, mainly because Cheryl is very capable and persistent.  So, the luggage is ready, going out for another little ride today and will return the bikes later for their service and hopefully tires to be mounted.  Crunch time,8 days to go!

Words of encouragement?

Our neighbour!  9 Days to go! MTR SPORTS, the owner Robert kindly donated one set of tires on behalf of ACT-one of the reasons we are riding, to raise awareness for Autism!

Oh the weather! Also, the TIRES are here!

We went out for our inaugural ride today but the weather was terrible.  The bikes do not have a Gerbing temperature controller or plug yet for our heated gear nor are they equipped with heated grips yet.  The grips might be an issue as there was confusion as to whether or not we wanted them as an accessory.    Well, I for one would never ever say NO to heated grips since we have them with our Beemers.  In order for Cheryl and I to ride all year long we have our gear and bikes set up for the worst weather.

Today without the grips and heated gear the down pouring cold rain only allowed for us to go about 270 KM and technically the bikes should have 1000KM before it’s first service.  We are going to head out tomorrow morning for a few hours but have to get to the border and pick up a ton of packages including our Jesse luggage for the bikes.  I highly doubt we will get that many more KM’s on the bikes before we need to take them back for a few days.  Too bad we were not warm enough to go further.  We had a few breaks when it did not rain on us but going up the Fraser Valley was way to wet and cool.

Impression?  This so far is a really nice handling bike on the street.  Well balanced, the accessory gel seats are fantastic compared to stock seats.  Highly recommended!

Heidenau Scout Tires! One set Compliments of MTR SPORTS!  Thanks Robert!

We caught the Tigers!!!!!!!!!

They are here!  But not for long…going a very long ride tomorrow to try and get some mileage on the bikes.  They go back to the dealer on Monday for a service, the rest of the accessories to be installed especially on Cheryl’s bike and the new Heindenau Scout tires to be installed.  So far so good.  Went for a cruise late in the day, they sure smell new.  Quite a different feel than our Beemers.  Hard to explain at this time but will try to describe after we have had more time in the saddle. We met our first fans but the pic came out blurry!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite the Rain! 11 days to go!

Today we pick up the Tiger’s despite the typical Vancouver rain.  We get the bikes for the weekend to try and put some KM’s on them and then they go back to the dealer for a “check up”.  From what we have been told some accessories have been installed and we have some extra’s that we will install as well.  One being the enlarge kick stand foot print.  This is important to us especially when the bikes are loaded with luggage and when we have to park on uneven terrain.  Pics later?  Sure….once we get them and bring them home we will post pics!

LUGGAGE being Shipped today

13 days….our Jesse luggage is being shipped today! Maybe ready at the border for pick up by Saturday or Monday the latest! Al Jesse made the luggage specifically for this trip! Thanks AL!  We will post pics of the beautiful luggage as soon as we can.  This stuff is top-notch!

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