Rocky Mountain High– 520.8 KM Routes 1 to 93 to 16

Before we forget from last night before bedtime, once again Cheryl showing me how to pack things away the right way. In this case our stools. and what better view of our bike then from inside our tent Early start this morning at 0500. Wanted to get the camp broken down before the rain started. […]

Today Day 1 Maple Ridge to Revelstoke, BC

What a day!  Before we left this morning, our neighbour Nico came by to say good luck.  Nico has Autism and is wearing one of our ACT t-shirts.  ACT kindly made business cards, decals and T-shirts for our Adventure to Alaska.  Way to go ACT! Here is Nico at about 0800 this morning. After this […]

This morning at Western Powersports – June 29th 2011

Just a little video before we took off this morning in the pouring rain!

Twas the night before Alaska…..

Well…we got the bikes today and got home around 2:30 PM.  It is now 10:20 PM and we are just about all packed and set up for this trip.  We had to install our top boxes and other little things and then Cheryl the amazing packer fit all our “crap” in our luggage.  This time […]

1 Day to GO and still no bikes in our garage???

One day to go and no bikes in our garage. hmmmmmmmmm……now we are just hoping to be able to pick them up by early afternoon tomorrow but we really do not know if this will happen. Last year we were ready to go and relaxing at this point and well, as far as relaxing?? Not […]

Donation Announcement and Big Thanks!

Cheryl & I would like to send out a HUGE thanks to SmartCentres from Ontario for their very generous donation to ACT-Autism Community Training on behalf of our ride.  Thank you so much for supporting ACT and our adventure of a lifetime.  We hope more will follow your lead for this wonderful organization. If anyone […]

4 Days to go!

We hope the bikes will return to our garage Monday.  Waiting on the license plates coming from Ontario.  Triumph Canada own the bikes and is the insurer.  The first plates were sent Canada Post.  Bad idea since they are on strike.  Second set sent via courier and are due in Monday.  We have some little […]

Jesse Luggage is on!

These are the Odyssey bags, 10 inch. We traveled last year with Jesse Safari 8 inch bags plus top box. We are thinking we might not need to top box that Al Jesse sent us and just use a Triumph dry bag with the panniers. We will see how the packing goes. Bikes are back […]

The Canadian Border

Note to self, when bringing across the border promo motorcycle luggage have a letter that states all luggage will be returned to the manufacturer and will not be sold in Canada.  You see we are borrowing luggage from Al Jesse, Jesse Luggage in Arizona and this stuff is not cheap.  I had an invoice stating […]

Words of encouragement?

Our neighbour!  9 Days to go! MTR SPORTS, the owner Robert kindly donated one set of tires on behalf of ACT-one of the reasons we are riding, to raise awareness for Autism!

Oh the weather! Also, the TIRES are here!

We went out for our inaugural ride today but the weather was terrible.  The bikes do not have a Gerbing temperature controller or plug yet for our heated gear nor are they equipped with heated grips yet.  The grips might be an issue as there was confusion as to whether or not we wanted them […]

We caught the Tigers!!!!!!!!!

They are here!  But not for long…going a very long ride tomorrow to try and get some mileage on the bikes.  They go back to the dealer on Monday for a service, the rest of the accessories to be installed especially on Cheryl’s bike and the new Heindenau Scout tires to be installed.  So far […]

Despite the Rain! 11 days to go!

Today we pick up the Tiger’s despite the typical Vancouver rain.  We get the bikes for the weekend to try and put some KM’s on them and then they go back to the dealer for a “check up”.  From what we have been told some accessories have been installed and we have some extra’s that […]

LUGGAGE being Shipped today

13 days….our Jesse luggage is being shipped today! Maybe ready at the border for pick up by Saturday or Monday the latest! Al Jesse made the luggage specifically for this trip! Thanks AL!  We will post pics of the beautiful luggage as soon as we can.  This stuff is top-notch!