Meet Our Family

Meet Laura and Alex….this is Cheryl’s sister and nephew…another face of a young child diagnosed with Autism. Alex is a beautiful boy with the help of ACT, therapists and the love and support of his family is beginning to thrive and develop into a fine young boy. Please support ACT and know you are helping […]

Meet Beautiful Nico & Charlie

Meet Nico! Nico is an active and inquisitive boy in our neighbourhood who enjoys riding his bike, skiing and playing with his dog Charlie. Nico was diagnosed with Autism several years ago and we have watched his incredible growth. Nico always brings a smile to our faces everytime we see him. Thanks to Nico’s parents […]

It’s Official!

I got the extra time off from work and so did Cheryl….we will indeed unless something comes up depart from Western Powersports in Langley on June 29th, 2011.  Not sure what time but Western will be the official launch location.  Only 22 days left!  Now if we only had bikes!