Despite the Rain! 11 days to go!

Today we pick up the Tiger’s despite the typical Vancouver rain.  We get the bikes for the weekend to try and put some KM’s on them and then they go back to the dealer for a “check up”.  From what we have been told some accessories have been installed and we have some extra’s that we will install as well.  One being the enlarge kick stand foot print.  This is important to us especially when the bikes are loaded with luggage and when we have to park on uneven terrain.  Pics later?  Sure….once we get them and bring them home we will post pics!


  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s extremely good news Leslie – clocking up some kilometres on the bikes and getting a feel for them prior to the ‘big adventure’ is a big plus whichever way you look upon it. Wish you hadn’t mentioned the weather though as the 15 day forecast for our trip isn’t looking too bright at the moment. It’s OK once you get over the top of those big mountains (the Alps), all bright and sunny……..the hard part, the wet and cold part, is getting over those bumps in the first place. Looking forward to the pics.
    Your #1 fan (guess who :-))

  2. advgrrls says:

    lol Alan…..have a great, awesome trip yourself!

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