Oh the weather! Also, the TIRES are here!

We went out for our inaugural ride today but the weather was terrible.  The bikes do not have a Gerbing temperature controller or plug yet for our heated gear nor are they equipped with heated grips yet.  The grips might be an issue as there was confusion as to whether or not we wanted them as an accessory.    Well, I for one would never ever say NO to heated grips since we have them with our Beemers.  In order for Cheryl and I to ride all year long we have our gear and bikes set up for the worst weather.

Today without the grips and heated gear the down pouring cold rain only allowed for us to go about 270 KM and technically the bikes should have 1000KM before it’s first service.  We are going to head out tomorrow morning for a few hours but have to get to the border and pick up a ton of packages including our Jesse luggage for the bikes.  I highly doubt we will get that many more KM’s on the bikes before we need to take them back for a few days.  Too bad we were not warm enough to go further.  We had a few breaks when it did not rain on us but going up the Fraser Valley was way to wet and cool.

Impression?  This so far is a really nice handling bike on the street.  Well balanced, the accessory gel seats are fantastic compared to stock seats.  Highly recommended!

Heidenau Scout Tires! One set Compliments of MTR SPORTS!  Thanks Robert!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Shame about the weather and can sympathize……..I’m taking my bike in for service in an hour from now and yes, it’s raining. 😦
    What’s your first impressions/feelings in respect of the crash bars…….looking at the picture they appear to be somewhat lower than what you’re used to offering little protection to the side panels?
    Now to get wet.
    #1 fan 🙂

  2. advgrrls says:

    the crash bars are not crash bars really…more like what triumph calls them…engine guards. if we dump the bike the engine guards will do nothing for the fairing. Maybe in the near future Triumph will make crash bars as well. 🙂 Hope your bike checks out!

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