Jesse Luggage is on!

These are the Odyssey bags, 10 inch. We traveled last year with Jesse Safari 8 inch bags plus top box. We are thinking we might not need to top box that Al Jesse sent us and just use a Triumph dry bag with the panniers. We will see how the packing goes.

Bikes are back at the dealer to get serviced, more farkles and tires mounted. So, in the meantime here is a little town store near our house and of course the bikes with luggage now. We managed to get almost 600KM’s on the bikes over the last day or so…not the 1000KM they wanted.

Jesse bags

Common around our area, float planes because of the Fraser River, this is for the folks who are reading this BLOG and are not from around here!

Bruce’s market our corner store here in Maple Ridge

It was about 26 degrees Celsius today…82 F. Finally maybe summer has arrived???


  1. Anonymous says:

    Cheryl and Leslie have a great trip…looking forward to how these bikes perform. I test rode theXC at Americade on the 7th and was impressed though the test was only 1/2 hour. Planning a trip to South America and looking for the right bike….will follow your posts.

  2. have a great trip…….will follow your posts.
    Loufy from France

  3. Virolo says:

    Another follower from France.
    There is a post, in our forum dedicated to Tiger 800 & xc (, about you.
    I have just a very small request : could you please speak slowly because in some videos, I have some problems for understanding everything ;).
    Virolo, Paris, France

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