The Canadian Border

Note to self, when bringing across the border promo motorcycle luggage have a letter that states all luggage will be returned to the manufacturer and will not be sold in Canada.  You see we are borrowing luggage from Al Jesse, Jesse Luggage in Arizona and this stuff is not cheap.  I had an invoice stating $0 and that we have 6 months to return them to Al Jesse after our trip.  Not good enough for the border guards.  Spent an hour being interrogated as to whether or not I was importing the luggage for commercial sale.

We often have items ship to SHIP HAPPENS in Sumas, WA and in this case we had to use the border because of the Canada Post strike.  Did not want to risk not having any accessories we bought not get across the border in time.

The guard kept saying “why do you not have a contract?”  “Why would this company just give you all this luggage to use without a contract?”  I kept saying “I promised Al Jesse to return them.”  Guard, “really?  And why would he believe you?”  Me, “because in the ADV motorcycle world we are honorable people?”  🙂 Guard, “this makes no sense, can you see if from my perspective? We really need to charge you tax on the value of the goods and you can try to apply for a tax refund when you do send them back.”

Me, “but you are taxing me on something I did not buy.”  In meanwhile the guard in the back ground, a young man who rides a V-Strom was on the phone with Al Jesse and eventually came back to say, “I just spoke to Al and your story checks out.”  After that all requests for $$ went away and both guards became interested in our trip.  The whole tone of the conversation changed from an inquisition to them being inquisitive. That took about almost 3 hours out of our day!  Too funny but I learned a lesson or two about borrowing gear.

Last night and most of the afternoon was spent installing the Jesse mounts for both bikes.  We had pictures to go by and managed to get both racks on, mainly because Cheryl is very capable and persistent.  So, the luggage is ready, going out for another little ride today and will return the bikes later for their service and hopefully tires to be mounted.  Crunch time,8 days to go!

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