Today Day 1 Maple Ridge to Revelstoke, BC

What a day!  Before we left this morning, our neighbour Nico came by to say good luck.  Nico has Autism and is wearing one of our ACT t-shirts.  ACT kindly made business cards, decals and T-shirts for our Adventure to Alaska.  Way to go ACT!

Here is Nico at about 0800 this morning.

After this nice visit Cheryl and I headed off in the rain to Western Powersports for our send off.

Got a few photos taken, did a little interview and even our friends Brad & Teri stopped by as well as Robert from MTR SPORTS.  Thanks guys!

We both began our 45 day trip in the pouring rain and headed northeast to Revelstoke.  The weather was awful until we came around a bend on Rt 5 in Merrit, BC and low and behold the rain stopped, the sun was peeking through the clouds and it went from 15 degrees Celsius to over 20.  Sunglasses came out, layers came off and we were both very content.  The bikes?  Well, so far they are just awesome and although we have only ridden on the pavement, they are very very sweet bikes.  Gas mileage not so good but to be expected since they are brand new.

On the way out today we stopped by Cheryl’s mother and step father’s house in Hope.  Rain and more rain but had a great lunch and short visit. Before we got to Hope we were heading down Highway 1, also known as the Trans Canada Highway (Goes from Eastern Canada to West) we found the road closed by Chilliwack.  We saw RCMP vehicles racing to what appeared to be no where.  Later we found out there was a huge mud slide and possible a car trapped as well as some Train cars too.  have to look on the news for an update.  We are lucky to have missed it because it must have just happened as we tried to take the highway.

This is what we got to see when it cleared up heading towards the Shuswap/Interior of BC

Of course we have to have a shot with a RCMP cruiser

This is typical Leslie trying to do things that make no sense.  In this case trying to get her camera over her helmet.  NOT!

So here we are at a KOA for WIFI camping out and I am wondering where my last batch of pics went???? Hmmmmmmmmmm…in any case, mosquitoes are out, Cheryl has a fire going and I must run.  Tomorrow we head for Hinton, Alberta.  Hope you SPOT is working and you all can track us! Later from Revelstoke, BC.


  1. Devon (DWS) says:

    It’s good you got different colour frames, so you don’t keep hopping on the wrong bike. lol

  2. Simon Smith says:

    Looks like you got off to a good start, despite the weather! Hope it now keeps dry for you.
    So who got the new black framed bike?

  3. Good riding! I hate the rain. Nice log picture 🙂 . It’s “Loe (or Lo, old English for look) and behold!” 🙂 .
    The Spotwalla is nice, I use Spot also. Why don’t you put the day’s milage on your post? I’d like to see your camping rig too.
    Have fun, be safe.

  4. Mike Lindberg says:

    45 days-wow! How many miles do you expect to cover? Very curious what differences you find between your old bikes too. Have fun!
    P.S. We are riding July 15th-29th East out of Portland towards Montana.

    • advgrrls says:

      We will cover about 13500 KM we think…and we are all ready forming our opinions of the Tigers and we would both say WOW in most aspects.

      • Mike Lindberg says:

        Awesome. Probably need a rear tire mid-way on your trip…(I only get 4500 miles out of my rear Battle Wing. I’m switching over to Anakee’s). So roughly 8400 miles in 45 days = 185 mi. day. Roughly what percent of trip do you expect to be off road?

      • advgrrls says:

        We are hopeful the Heidenau Scout tire will last the whole trip….LOL Crossing fingers…we road cross country and back on one set…we will be doing many 1000’s of miles off road. Time will tell. 🙂

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