Virtual Tour of Dawson City–0 KM

July 7th 201

This morning Cheryl and I met Brad Whitelaw, the owner and operator of the Triple J hotel where we are staying and the Dawson City’s Klondike Spirit Paddle Boat.  I informed Brad about the charity portion of our ride and he instantly took an interest and wanted to help out.  Gave him one of our traveling cards ACT made for us and he graciously took it and started to spread the word in Dawson City what we were doing in town.  Brad also was generous in helping us out with accommodations and a boat tour on the Klondike Spirit.  I am ahead of myself more about that dinner tour later.  If you are ever in Dawson City stop by the Triple J and say hi to Brad.  Nice place to stay, friendly people and just a comfortable place to hang out.

After Blogging in the morning while it poured rain outside, Cheryl came down to the lobby and we had a nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  Right after we were off to the local car wash at the Esso gas station when you first come into town.

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (1)

Don’t worry Cheryl was careful with the pressure washer on the bikes.  We just felt better getting them sort of cleaned so we could really get our chains lube up well for the Dempster tomorrow.

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (2)

While we were waiting for the car wash to clear for us a young man who changes tires next door had a look at our bikes.  I explained the vibrating annoying noise we were having and he came up with a theory.  His name was Pierre Luke from Quebec.  Working in DC for the summer.  He noticed that our rear tire axles were not straight and the bolts to tighten up your chain or loosen were not even. Both Tires were out of alignment which have stretched the chains prematurely.  Will have to see how this plays out throughout the rest of the trip.

Pierre Luke took our bikes into the garage where he works after they were washed and loosened up the axle bolt, adjusted both bikes, the chains were initially OK but he checked and adjusted them too.  Now, we just need to ride more to see if this worked.  What a great guy to have done this for us.

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (4)

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (5)

After we got all put back together we took a quick ride up The Dome.  This is a very high “hill” with a spectacular view of the city and surroundings.

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (6)

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (7)\

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (8)

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (9)

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (10)

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (13)

This is the City

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (14)

One more

Alaska July 7 11 Dawson (16)

Got back to the hotel and quickly lube the chains while they were still warm.  This is when I burnt my finger on one of the pipes of the bikes while getting it up on the centre stand.  Lesson, do not go near a hot pipe.

Dawson July 7 and more (20)

Next we went on a walk around the entire town and made a top at the local RCMP detachment.

Thought this was a perfect picture to show how laid back people are who live here.  Hammock on the second story balcony.  Many people who live here are transients from all over.  According to everyone we speak to this town booms for about 110 days a year and then shuts down where a few local stay throughout the winter and many fly the coup.  It can get down to –40 degree C in the winter with 6 feet of snow.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (18)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (19)dogs Many scruffy dogs all over but I just loved this one`s face.

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (20)

Some more sights

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (21)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (22)

Our Hotel

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (23)

More ADV riders show up but we have not met them

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (24)

Went to see the local RCMP detachment and met a nice Constable named Jeff from the lower mainland doing a Limited Duration posting in Dawson City.  He gave us a tour of the detachment, told us very funny stories that should not be posted and just gave Cheryl and myself an enjoyable orientation to live as a RCMP officer in the city. Thanks Jeff nice meeting you.

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (27)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (28)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (29)

More touring around and checking in at certain stores.  We went to the Dempster Highway info centre and when we walked in the woman who gives all the info said `hey you are the girls who are riding for Autism aren’t you?”  We were like how did you know?  She said Brad from the hotel Triple J told her and she said it is a small town.  Cool!

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (36)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (31)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (35)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (32)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (33)

Tour guide lady wearing a Northwest Mounted Police uniform.  She informed us that recently the town was replacing sewer equipment and they found at least 4 dead bodies.  The townies all say they were criminals and were executed back in a day.

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (34)

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (37)

We stopped in the room for a bit after our walk to try and wipe down our suits.  Dust and Gore Tex often do mix for too long to maintain the waterproofing.  Oh well, not much success.  We are sure they will still keep us dry.

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (25)

Then we were off again for our river dinner boat tour.  We were the youngest one’s on the boat but hey it was a great way to see the area from the Yukon River, have a great meal and meet some really interesting people.

Alaska July 7 11 DAWSON (39)

Dawson July 7 and more (18)

Not too soon after we left the dock we saw these guys.

Dawson July 7 and more (17)

They were tourists who got lost hiking and were asking for help.  Brad our boat operator called the RCMP search and rescue to get them out.  They were indeed very very lost!

Dawson July 7 and more (9)

Dinner on board was delicious and here is Brad.  Our awesome boat owner and owner of the Hotel Triple J.  Brad has been living in Dawson City for 25 years all year long and LOVES it.

Dawson July 7 and more (10)

This is Rita from Quesnal, BC.  She said she is almost 70 and 9 years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given a 6 month prognosis.  That was 9 years ago. She married a wonderful man who died also 9 years ago.  3 years ago she was diagnosed with inoperative lung cancer.  She did not want to know how long.  She takes her chemo pill everyday, smokes and drinks and is enjoying her life.  Rita had a special dress made for her boat trip and coming to Dawson City has been a 30 year long dream of hers.  She was on the boat with her best friend and daughter, Rio. What a character Rita was and we hope she lives a very long time living her dreams.

Dawson July 7 and more (11)

Dawson July 7 and more (22)

Just so more pictures from the river to enjoy

Dawson July 7 and more (2)

Some woman lives in this house in the summer…did I say house?

Dawson July 7 and more (3)

A retired clown from Ontario lives in the cave home that used to be a mine.  Go figure. Hard to see his home in the pic but he’s waving.

Dawson July 7 and more (7)

here is a picture of a native reserve.  We forgot the name of the Band. As tourists you can go visit this reservation if you want.  UPDATE:  I was informed that the name of this Reserve is Moosehide.  One of our readers Nova Muise sent me the name…THANKS!

Dawson July 7 and more (16)

Dawson July 7 and more (8)

Dawson July 7 and more (24)

Got back to shore a little after 8 pm and Cheryl wanted to drink the Sour Toe so we needed to be at the Downtown Hotel by 9 so she could drink and drink with an 8 year old toe in it.  YEP, human toe.  Don’t worry it has been approved by Health Canada and the bar has to follow strict protocol to be allowed to let the public have the “luxury” to consume this alcohol beverage.  The alcohol has to be at least 40% proof. This is a $$  making tourist attraction.




So, what a day we spent in this city.  Did a lot, saw a lot and now I am beat.  We are heading out for the Dempster tomorrow.  So far we have heard 5 biker have wiped out and been taken out.  We met a guy I think from New Mexico.  Last year he tried the Dempster and broke his leg.  This year he broke his Aprillia cruiser like bike.  He said maybe next year he will get a bike like ours.

So, gonna enjoy the ride to Inuvik, everyone wish for good weather.  That can make or break the Dempster.  Later until next BLOG update which might not be for a few days.

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10 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of Dawson City–0 KM”

  1. What an awesome ride & beautiful scenery. Can’t wait for your daily report. Enjoy & ride safe. Michelle from South Africa

    1. South Africa? WOW! Glad you are enjoying our trip. It’s been a lot of fun documenting not only for us but for the many traveling along virtually. WE hope to keep this blog up to date as much as possible.

  2. Love reading your blog! Def love your pics too Leslie, you have an eye for the camera whether you think so or not :). Burned my leg on the pipe on my Dad’s motorbike, and even tho it was 20 years ago I remember screaming!!! (although my Dad was letting me wear shorts at the time so that didn’t help. Shhhh).
    Oh….& gross about the sour toe Cheryl. Ewww.
    Sounds like you are both having some unforgettable experiences. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Great blog, you are the envy of a lot of people me included. I think it would be cool if you would put up a map and show us where you are from start to finish. Keep up the great post and be safe

    Thanks Frank

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