The Taylor Highway to the Alaska Highway (456 KM) Chicken to Fairbanks

July 11th & 12th 2011 Ever wonder how one sleeps in Alaska when the sun barely goes down? Yep eye shades or eye goggles as Leslie would say and ear plugs when you are in a noisy campground.  Just thought I would add this in for a little hint for those wondering and needed some […]

Playing pool

While waiting on our laundry. Exciting night for us lol

Donations coming in via our PAYPAL

Thanks again to everyone who is donating to ACT.  There have been thousands of hits to our BLOG and FB page.  If everyone even donated $5 ACT would be rich!  Thanks again for donating in the name of our ride and we can not wait to hand over a cheque when we get back!

Would we buy a Triumph Tiger 800XC?

(If you happen to buy this bike because of our trip, maybe mention it to your dealer, thanks) I need to preface this so-called “review” by saying this is not expected of us to even talk about the bikes.  Triumph never said you had to review the bikes as part of this “deal”.  As a matter […]