Deadhorse Tour

You ever wonder what Deadhorse looks like?  Ever wonder why so many ADV riders come here other than the Arctic Ocean?  Here is Deadhorse in a nutshell.  Also, in my last post I mentioned meeting a man named Ray.  Well, we ended up chatting with Ray at dinner

Deadhorse (16)

only to find out that he is a published author and after Googling his name we found out this:

Ray Jardine (born 1944) is an American rock climber who, with Bill Price, in May 1979, was the first to free climb the West Face of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Jardine is noted for inventing and developing the spring-loaded camming devices called Friends that revolutionized rock climbing in the late 1970’s. He began his climbing career in 1963 in the Tetons, climbed in Eldorado Canyon State Park near Boulder, Colorado during the 1960s, and became active in Yosemite around 1970. During the 1970s he pioneered a number of Yosemite routes harder than had done before, up to the gradeof 5.12, including the first ascent of The Phoenix (5.13a) in 1977.

In 1996 he discussed ideas related to backpacking with the publication of his Pacific Crest Trail Hikers Handbook, which advocated hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail in a much shorter time, using homemade lightweight gear and techniques including early start times with longer days and more mileage at a slower pace. The book was revised and retitled in 1999 as Beyond Backpacking, and revised and retitled again in 2009 as Trail Life.

His techniques were initially considered radical and risky by mainstream commentators. At the core of his philosophy was a primary focus on limiting the weight carried by a hiker. He advocated replacing one’s tent with a tarpaulin, sleeping bag with a blanket, and using the post office to carry gear not needed for a trail segment. He recommended that a hiker make most of his or her own gear.

More recently, lightweight backpacking techniques with less than 25 pounds of gear (before consumables such as food, water and fuel) are becoming increasingly popular, and ultralight backpacking(less than 12 pounds base weight) is gaining acceptance by many. These techniques are often criticized for the lack of durability of some equipment or for being unsafe, but experienced users find the same practicality with less material. A smaller yet notable market for super-ultralight techniques (less than 5 pounds base weight) is also gaining popularity, but not used by a majority of hikers.

Check out his web site @ Ray, Cheryl & Leslie

Nice man and he is riding a BMW 650GS single.  Good luck Ray and nice to have met you. I know you will be reading this post sometime soon!

Now, on to the pictures of this industrial town.  Deadhorse apparently is a dry town.  Rumour has it the oil companies have a zero tolerance for booze in the town and there are stiff penalties if anyone gets caught.  This includes visitors like us.

Deadhorse (21)

We went for a little walk and this is what we saw.  By the way it was freezing out.  About 48 degrees F but the wind. Cheryl said it felt like being at Depot in Regina for her police training.

Deadhorse (20)

Deadhorse (19)

You must wear your booties because everything around here is muddy.

Deadhorse (18)

This is part of the cafeteria at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel.  The food is not that bad but I think I ate some beef that was not cow and I ended up spitting it out.

Deadhorse (17)

Deadhorse (14)

Massive equipment all over the place.

Deadhorse (13)

Deadhorse (12)

Deadhorse (11)

Deadhorse (10)

Deadhorse (9)

Deadhorse (8)

Deadhorse (7)

Alaska July 15 11 Wise to Dead (74)

Deadhorse (6)

Deadhorse (5)

We need to get to the General Store where the official welcome sign to Deadhorse is.  We will go looking for it before we leave tomorrow.

Deadhorse (4)

Deadhorse (3)

Deadhorse (2)

Deadhorse (1)

And dinner.  The town is really spread out but t is all industry here, no malls! Winking smile  So, we hope you enjoyed the tour and now get an idea why we went to Deadhorse instead of Hawaii.  Probably would have cost the same! Smile

Deadhorse (15)


  1. Hockeygurl says:

    K, “ate some beef that was not cow”, Leslie u r so funny! Never even heard of a dry town before, that’s bizarre. Thx for the updates, always an interesting read!

  2. Doug & Shelly says:

    Glad you are having such a fun time. You are not missing much back at home since you left. It has weither been cloudy and/ or raining and cold. Keep up the great blogs. We love reading them.

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