Chasing the Sun–Kathleen Lake, Haines Junction to Skagway (328.7 KM) ** Videos in post

July 30th 2011 We were prepared for pests of all sorts! Leslie has her bug terminator arsenal, and we pulled out the  bear spray for the first time on the trip. We slept with it inside the tent, but fortunately we were not visited by any angry grizzly bears during the night. Cheryl considered scaring […]

Tok to Haines Junction ( 495 KM ) ** Videos in post

July 29th 2011 Woke up in the cozy room of the Young Motel in Tok … looked outside and SURPRISE … it was raining! Oh well …. we got ourselves dressed and ready and headed into Fast Eddy’s for some caffeine and breakfast and saw THIS guy! Cheryl loved the sideburns and snapped a covert […]