The bikes we rode on this trip will hopefully find some good homes or another adventure.  After attempts to negotiate a deal that all parties would be satisfied with there was no common ground. So…..officially we are and remain proud BMW owners with nothing but fond memories of the great ride we had on 2 […]

First ALCAN Ride by Motorcycle = Very Cool

Back then riding this road was more than an adventure!

Autism Awareness Month – Think of ACT (Another short video from Skagway to Whitehorse)

As we work on our long DVD for us I think I will post some short videos here as I make them.  This was on July 31st, 2011 when we made the short ride from Skagway to Whitehorse.  On this day we were hit with rain in White Pass and then nothing but sun to […]

Live Safari Game Drives | Web Cam | Djuma Private Game Reserve

Live Safari Game Drives | Web Cam | Djuma Private Game Reserve. My other hobby!  One day we will travel to Africa….one day!

Center Stand Spring Recall is out!

Triumph has recalled 668 Tiger 800 and Tiger 800 XC (2010-2011) motorcycles due to center stand issues. Triumph says the optional accessory center stand assembly on Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC motorcycles built from Sept. 2010 through June 2011 contains a defective return spring that may break. If the spring breaks, the center stand […]

Recall Is Offical

I wonder how many units are involved world wide.  This article says 1485 in the US alone.  Glad Triumph got the fix out there sooner than later.  I wonder if our data from our bikes may have helped?  Either way this is great news for the bike! Source:  Motorcycle.com Triumph issued a recall for the […]

Maple Ridge News – To the Arctic Circle, and back

Maple Ridge News – To the Arctic Circle, and back. To the Arctic Circle, and back Leslie Sofarelli and Cheryl Letkeman took new bikes up north and raised money for autism. Contributed others also read… Maple Ridge News Watch riders head to the Arctic Ocean By Ashley Bhan – Maple Ridge News Published: August 26, […]

Stalling Announcement

Owner’s should contact their Triumph dealer in reference to Service Bulletin 431 and make an appointment to have the new download installed ASAP.  Straight from Triumph.  We know nothing else but thought it would be useful to pass this info along. This announcement was released to the Global dealer Network Today, August 23rd, 2011 Good […]

Using the BLOG

I have been asked where are the older posts? Depending on your web browser you can search the archives or find the calendar on the Home Page and click on the highlighted dates.  I posted almost everyday and the BLOG started in April.  So, just FYI for those who have emailed me and asked, I […]

More Expenses

As someone pointed out on the ADV Rider forum 44 Days – we also had free lodging in Anchorage for 4 nights so that brings us down to actually 40 days of riding. Gas and Lodging $2447 + $1664 = $4111 / 44 days =$93.43 per day / 2 people = $46.71 a day per […]

Gas expenses for Both Tigers

$1663.37 We thought it was going to be much higher.

Lodging and Camping Expenses

Total for 44 days is:  $2447 This can be done for way less if we camped more. The weather did not cooperate in the way we like to camp. Rain does not fair well with us sleeping outside.  We had to remind ourselves this was our vacation too, an easy way to justify a motel. […]

Some STATS and our Plea

Here are some stats, over 220,000 Facebook views of our page, over 180,000 hits to our ride report on the ADV forum and almost 37,000 unique hits to our BLOG. We are really short of our goal. $5 for half of these folks would be HUGE. Think about it and learn how to donate right […]