Stalling Announcement

Owner’s should contact their Triumph dealer in reference to Service Bulletin 431 and make an appointment to have the new download installed ASAP.  Straight from Triumph.  We know nothing else but thought it would be useful to pass this info along.

This announcement was released to the Global dealer Network Today, August 23rd, 2011

Good luck to all of your who have been experiencing what we did on our trip.  Hope this new download works!

The stalling issue has been resolved by the Triumph factory with a tune update that was released today to the Global Dealer Network. This new computer tune will be downloaded in all 2011 & 2012 Tiger 800 models build prior to a specific vin#.


  1. Garth says:

    I figured that since it was British made with a “Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI” fuel system, that it would be something electronic aka computerish stuff and that a fix would come sooner than later. Have you heard from a lot of folks who have had the stalling problem? It also seems that you guys must have got early stock as the fix is date targeted to a specific vin# but if all the bikes beyond that certain vin were ok I wonder why did they not have a fix earlier.

    Oh well good to here they are getting the bugs out. Like all new models they are doomed to have some kinks but by your review it does sound like the bike is a winner for folks who are setting out to travel but just want to have a choice of where they ride if a dirt road is one of the choices.

    • advgrrls says:

      yeah we shall see if this update works though. Still wondering if it is indeed the real fix but we were told by Triumph we could post the update and tell all. Yes, we have heard about stalling issues from all over the globe. Not sure what our VIN# were but I think the build dates were March and were supposed to be 2012 models. The bikes are great bikes, although we most likely will not own a Tiger anytime soon, they are great on the road, comfy and obviously can handle off road although we have to admit we did not take them on any real technical roads. The challenging part about this trip was the slickness of all the roads that were not paved. Slippery when wet is an understatement.

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