First ALCAN Ride by Motorcycle = Very Cool

Back then riding this road was more than an adventure!


  1. James Arnett says:

    Wow that was a very cool video, good find. I was also wondering on some of the roads you girls road calcium chloride was used on the roads, did this cause any corrosion on the bikes?

    • advgrrls says:

      I think if we left the crud on the bikes I bet there would have been corrosion. We tried to keep them clean any chance we got. The chains would show rust spots but with a deep cleaning as well they too would go away. The Pipes looked awful when we got back….if we kept the bikes we would have taken the whole exhaust system off and dipped it into some cleaning stuff to try to get them back into better shape. Other than that, the main cosmetic parts on the bikes looked pretty darn good after all that.

      • James Arnett says:

        Thats good to know, I know you did clean the bikes when you had the chance on the ride. I have worked with calcium chloride and know how fast it can cause corrosion on some metals. I also just saw your post on not buying the Triumphs, too bad you could not work out a deal on the bikes, but you two had a test ride the rest of us can only dream of. And thanks again for such a great ride report.

      • advgrrls says:

        agree about the test ride….

  2. ALCAN says:

    Hi there

    It is great to watch the first ride video over here, thanks for sharing


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