The bikes we rode on this trip will hopefully find some good homes or another adventure.  After attempts to negotiate a deal that all parties would be satisfied with there was no common ground.

So…..officially we are and remain proud BMW owners with nothing but fond memories of the great ride we had on 2 GREAT bikes the Triumph Tiger 800XC.  Will we be future owners?  Only time will tell. Oh and yeah, our finances need time to heal... 


  1. Kelsow says:

    Well I’m kinda glad you won’t be leaving the BMW family just yet, However, did any of the sales people say “60 easy payments”?

  2. AlanI says:

    That’s because ‘payments’ are never easy no matter how many or few there are LOL.

    I’ve held back from making comment earlier but in many ways feel that not taking actual ownership of the Tigers is probably for the better. After all, you’ve put a lot of hard kilometres on those bikes, not to mention that they are also 1st Generation. It’s time now to put the entire episode down to the truly wonderful experience it was, forget the Tigers and get back to enjoying the Beemers. When they eventually reach their sell by date the next Tigers will be 2nd or 3rd Generation models with many problems ironed out and improvements made, some as a result of your experiences no doubt. All in all, I think you’ll be a lot happier having backed away now and possibly returning to the issue in a couple of years time.

  3. AlanI says:

    When the cost of keeping the thing running (including any repairs) exceeds what the bike is actually worth. The wife keeps telling me that I am long since past my sell by date and that she feels a lot more secure in our marriage in the belief that nobody else would look twice at me LOL. My simple reply to this is ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’. Read into that what you will. 🙂

    • advgrrls says:

      Love your wife…very funny…I wonder if we will ever keep a bike that long? Seems at the rate I ride…almost 42000 KM on my bike since March 2010 the cost is getting high now…maybe sell? JK! 😉

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