The Northern Lights

AURORA BOREALIS Two things we did not see while traveling this summer, the dark and Aurora Borealis.  Just another thing to add to the bucket list.  🙂    

KLIM TRAVERSE – The gear we wore on our Summer Trip

KLIM makes some of the best gear out there for DS/ADV riders.  Well, we think so.  See post from September 23rd, 2011 for the new Badlands and Latitude suits coming this fall. Not cheap gear but looks and feels like this stuff would last a long time. Info for the grrls out there…this gear can […]

Cross Country Trip 2010 – A montage of the last few days

Just made a short video showing the last few days of our Cross Country trip last year on our Beemers.  We were doing our best to avoid heading home.  Interesting though we got home August 11th 2010 last year and this year we ended on august 11th, 2011.  That was not planned.  Last years trip […]

My Test Ride of the Street Version of the Tiger 800 from April 12th 2011

This is from April 12, 2011 and we were not sure if we were going to be riding the Tigers on our trip yet.  This is a true impartial test ride. 

Keeping the BLOG, Changing the Title

I like this BLOG and a lot of time and effort has gone into it.  So, we will keep this BLOG as our own way to continue to document all that we do with our motorcycles from now on. No reason to start from scratch!  This way we can also look back on our once […]

Our Beemers and New Contour + Camera

Cheryl and I got to take a nice fun ride on Sunday, September 25th, 2011 on a forest road near our house.  Stave Lake Road near Mission, BC.  There has been a lot of construction work done on the road so it is actually really easy to ride now but still a nice way to […]

Last Batch from our 44 Day Adventure


BEER & More Scenic Pics


KLIM – New AWESOME Gear coming out this Fall 2011

We wear this stuff and are looking forward to trying out the new gear.  If you don’t like buying gear that has tons of layers and needs a water proof liner or rain gear to go over, then KLIM is the way to go.  No, we are not paid to say this nor to get […]

McCarthy & Kennicott + More Pictures

The Park is bounded on the west by the Copper River, on the north by the Mentasta Range and to the south by the Chugach Range. The most impressive mountains by far are those contained in the Park, including Mounts Drum, Sanford, Wrangell and Blackburn, which can be seen from various points along the Richardson […]

Homer and some of the Alaska Marine Highway too


Highlight Pictures Continued