More Favorites Pictures

This picture meant a lot to us because in the summer 2010 on our way home from New York we had to pass this only to be able to return this summer 2011 to make that right hand turn up the Alaska Highway….that was an awesome feeling!

While we miss the street comfort of the Tigers, I welcome back the great gas mileage we are getting out of our Beemers especially for commuting to work.  High 30 to low 40 MPG for the Tigers our entire trip compared to high 50 – low 60 MPG on our Beemers.  Big difference when it comes to fuel consumption.  Just FYI. 🙂

And this is why we adventure ride…roads to no where and some where…the best of times was when we saw no cars or even other bikers.  Just the two of us for mile and miles!

Well, seeing other bikers every so often not so bad!

More later!

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