KLIM TRAVERSE – The gear we wore on our Summer Trip

KLIM makes some of the best gear out there for DS/ADV riders.  Well, we think so.  See post from September 23rd, 2011 for the new Badlands and Latitude suits coming this fall. Not cheap gear but looks and feels like this stuff would last a long time.

Info for the grrls out there…this gear can fit us but the new Latitude Suit will fit gals with hips, which we all have better.  if you have a slim figure you would be able to fit into regular sizing but if you have hips like me having waist gators would help.  The Traverse does not have any way to open up the sides of the jacket but the Latitude does.  The new Badlands does not.  Hip gators expands the jacket where a gal might need it.  I am excited that KLIM heard the needs of women and have made at least one suit really unisex friendly and in my case will most likely be able to fit into a medium jacket versus a  large.  As for the pants, again may have to go larger for the hips but I am over what the size is as long as the fit feels good.  Jacket sizing to me means more because right now my Traverse is a bit baggy in the chest because of the larger size I have to wear.

***The Traverse arms seem a bit lean and may feel tight on some bulky folks.  just FYI.

The Traverse treated us very well on our trip and still does in the lovely rain we have been having in the lower mainland near Vancouver, BC.  KLIM gear is so comfortable that we have even gone out to dinner in it after work.  Again, I am not being paid to say this stuff, just sharing our opinions on gear.  One thing I look for when researching bikes, gear and accessories is real reviews from people who have been using the stuff for more than a few hours.  

The Traverse would make a really good dirt bike suit even though we use it everyday.  Not enough pockets for true ADV riding but still 100% waterproof, you can upgrade the armour to D3o, good venting even though it is a Gore Tex shell, love the fact that the layering is up to the rider.  We mainly use just a Gerbing heated liner either plugged in or not as the layer.  No need to stop and put a rain liner in or rain suit over this gear.

So comfy we go out to dinner int he Traverse

We hope to get the new Latitude when it comes out.  More pockets and seems better suited for road touring and ADV riding.  Here is KLIM’S video of the Traverse and it comes in black too now.

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Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

10 thoughts on “KLIM TRAVERSE – The gear we wore on our Summer Trip”

  1. It is light weight, 100% waterproof, warm, plenty ventilation, useable in all seasons and provides excellent protection (D30). Please familiarise yourself with the KLiM layered clothing philosophy. Does it have a down side? Well, I modified the velcro (wider) in the collar, made some loops for suspenders and had a connection zipper installed between pants and jacket. This to make sure that the back protector stays in place in case of a crash. This is the 3rd season on the road and I am still chuffed to bits about my grey Traverse combi. Have a look on my website for pictures.

  2. Use this product faithfully! Just went to the Milwaukee 2013 snowmobile show today and bought a bunch of Klim products. Most durable, keeps you dry and warm.

  3. Last weekend established scientific proof the Track T-800CDI is all-weather capable in torrential down poor & pitch black night. A good thing I had my new Sealskinz gloves on. The gripheaters selected on 40% and my KLiM Traverse suit made it a comfortable and dry 300 km. journey .

    1. Yep I had another successful test on my 30 hour getaway. I hit pouring rain, hail and snow…no leaks. Even my Gerbings heated gloves stayed dry on the inside. All in the gear my friends…can make even the worst weather a pleasant ride.

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