Tent Set Up

believe it or not some have message me and asked how we set up our tent.  Not sure why but here we are on Saturday night, October 1st, 2o11 at Salt Creek County Campground in Washington State.  Near Joyce, WA on the Olympic Peninsula.  If you watch the video it is sort of funny sped […]

New Chain & Sprockets Installed

To be honest we have neglected some maintenance on our bikes because we really thought we would be the owners of the Triumph Tigers at the end of the trip.  Since that did not happen on with the up keep of our bikes.  Recently I got new steering head bearings installed by the dealer but […]

Olympic Peninsula Pics Con’t

  Both bikes are pretty loaded for ADV riding and of course fairing protection.  The Denali LED lights are a huge asset for not only increased visibility for the rider but just an important for others to see us.  Riding in front of Cheryl even during the day they really stand out.  At night you […]