Brief Chain Adjustment Video

BE SURE TO RE-CHECK YOUR CHAIN ON THE SIDE STAND TOO AND MAKE SURE IT IS WITHIN SPEC.  🙂 Cheryl made a video showing the basics how to adjust her chain.  We do not claim to be Pro’s but are trying to learn as much as we can for our eventual BIG adventure where we […]


The other day Cheryl replaced her Chain and Sprockets, see video Then someone mentioned he did not see us flare the rivets after we used the rivet press.  He was correct because we forgot that step.  Cheryl has since then finished the project by flaring the rivets with the same RK Pro tool we used […]


Over the years it seems we have been trying to find ourselves when it comes to the type of bikes we would really LOVE.  If we had the space and money we would probably own one of each model, make etc….in any case, we have spent too much money in searching but worth it that […]