Something Different! WOW


Watch on WIDE screen and if you have an HD monitor you will see the WOW factor.


  1. AlanI says:

    WOW indeed. Good find and thanks for posting it. 🙂

  2. advgrrls says:

    Just watched it again and this is so beautiful to watch. Makes me want to travel even more and take up photography/cinematography. 🙂

  3. AlanI says:

    Oh there’s more to that video than simply photography/cinematography Leslie. I think the photographer has started of with multiple still images in raw format, processed them in Photoshop/Lightroom possibly and then produced HDR (High Dynamic Range) images again using Photoshop or possibly one of the dedicated applications for HDR work such as Photomatix. These can often be overdone somewhat and HDR is a matter of taste although I personally think this work is really quite good.
    Somehow or other it seems that the main elements of the still images have been cut out from their original backgrounds and replaced with this revolving sky effect as most of the images move in an up-down direction with the background doing a 360° rotation. It’s very clever stuff though and must have taken months to produce. Think I’ll do some more research into this artist and see what it produces.

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