Triumph Tiger Explorer More Pics

Notice the ground clearance, the 950W generator….the more I read the more this really sounds interesting. Now what do folks think the price point will be for a full load or base model?

Oh don’t take offense guys but why is it that companies always use a guy on their bikes as the “models”?  I guess even after we rode Triumph’s for 44 days they still might think grrls don’t ride ADV bikes?  Just would be nice to see something different….and no I am not a raging feminist.  😉

Pics from the Tiger 800 Forum here

High Resolution pics to download:

High Res 1

High Res 2

High Res 3

High Res 4

High Res 5

Author: advgrrl

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9 thoughts on “Triumph Tiger Explorer More Pics”

  1. I don’t know about this. I really like my Tiger 800 but think the 1200 with 140bhp and extra weight might just be a little bit overkill, especially off road. It is a beautiful bike and I can certainly understand why Triumph has chosen it as its flagship touring bike, just not for me.


    1. I agree…the weight could be an issue but in reality for the roads we really enjoy the weight might not be such a big deal. it does look like the 800 on steroids doesn’t it? The price will be high I bet…just like the BMW 1200GS when loaded. I hope Triumph makes a few changes to the 800 like the abs switch etc….things I would love to see….we will be in the market next year so….i am curious as to what we will buy in the end!

  2. My comments on the Explorer are in another thread. I want to share my thoughts about using male models for adventure motorcycles. The average woman is shorter than the average man. Also, given the same amount of physical activity, a man is more heavily muscled than a woman, due to the levels of testosterone present in men’s bloodstream. Even great female athletes, like the Williams sisters in tennis, do not develop the same strength as male athletes. (Let us not forget that the female stamina is unmatched, as any working mother with a very sick child can testify, for instance, while we males collapse after a couple of days of non-stop work). So, if a female rider appears “modeling” a motorcycle, the advertising is saying implicitly that the machine is suited for shorter, weaker riders. I am a short person (1.72m or 5’ 7”), so that would mean good news for me. Also, if I am to do extreme rides, it is almost a certainty that I will be picking up my motorcycle after a fall, perhaps in slippery and steep terrain. The lighter the motorcycle, the more likely it is that I may be able to get it up again even if nobody is available to help me. So, a smaller and lighter motorcycle may be just the ticket for me and many men with the same build as me, but sadly, for many of them their manhood must be permanently proved, because very often we short guys are ridiculed and deemed as less manly than larger folks. This is childish and ridiculous, but on average, men are much more immature than women, so many men prefer to be caught dead than riding a “girlie” motorcycle, meaning by this any motorcycle advertised by a female model. Advertising agencies know how the human mind works, so they carefully avoid making their customers lose market share unnecessarily.

    It is a very different issue to give the wrong signals. For instance, if around your area the gay community is using a specific decal on their vehicles to declare their preference, it would be advisable to avoid riding one of those if you are not gay, because it would not be fair to make believe a gay person think that you are a member of their community if you are not, risking a lot of misunderstandings, tense moments and even unnecessary rudeness. The problem that advertising wisely recognizes is that the delicate line between respectful decisions and biased ones is very often lost to many men, so that is why we see female motorcycle models once in a while and very discreetly, like the one depicted on the second page of the BMW F800R brochure. Anyway, any effort made on behalf of a better, more respectful and inclusive world for women is a blessing from my point of view, living in a Latin American (machismo is the name of the game around here), married for 32 years and with 5 kids, 3 of them girls, you can understand why I will gladly support a better world for women. By the way, this site is a phenomenal showcase of the courage and strength of women once they set their minds onto something. Again, congratulations.

    1. WOW….Ok makes sense in the marketing world….so then Triumph really made a Huge mistake having us ride their bikes….we are both short in a man’s world and we are grrls….so, I wonder if many are thinking the Tiger 800XC is a grrly bike now? Just kidding you….I get your point but in this day and age with so many women wanting to get into riding and ADV riding to boot it is a shame the message is still men ride these bikes. Grrls? Well we are just models on bikes half naked or we should ride Harley Davidson’s because their advertising has really been geared towards getting women on their BIG 1600cc bikes and it is working.

      Oh well….maybe I was delusional to think our trip could make a dent in this market…. 🙂 I wonder if some reading this BLOG think we are credible or full of crap? never thought about that a woman run BLOG about ADV riding might not be read because we are grrls…..things that make you think.

  3. Looks like a big honkin’ beast. Looking forward to a test ride, but I really can’t see it replacing my 800XC. The frosted windscreen is an interesting touch.

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