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We have added some easy ways to navigate through all the months of posts.  There is a pull down menu to the right or on the bottom of the page, depends on your browser,  that shows Pictures, Videos & More. There is also a category search, pulled down menus in the header, and a general search.  If you are looking for something and can’t find it just post a comment.  I will try to help.

Click on the menu you will see past months.  Click on the month you want to view and you will see the posts made in that month.  Our summer Triumph Tiger 800XC trip went from June 29th – August 11th 2011.  Prep began in April.  There is also a calendar at the bottom of the Blog that shows all dates and months with posts as well.  The day is highlighted when a post was made.  I try to post everyday if I can.

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