Is this true that BMW has only added one different colour for their F650GS bikes in 2012?  SUN YELLOW with a $300 package?  As well as still offering Biarritz Blue and White Aluminum?

2012 F 650 GS (MSRP: $10,155*)

Info from BMW San Francisco

2012 F650GS Sun Yellow (color N92)



2012 F650GS White Aluminum Metallic Matte (color 924)


2012 F650GS Biarritz Blue Metallic (color 847)


Sort of like the Yellow but sure looks like BMW is trying to beef up the 650 to look likes it’s big brother the F800GS.  Disappointing if this is true that BMW has not remodeled this bike at least a bit more.  We own this bike and there is no doubt it is a GREAT bike in many aspects, but that plank seat has to go. 

I guess we wait until the 2013 models come out to see if there are any more significant changes in the mid range DS series. 

Model Year 2012 Changes (US prices)

  • Base model: option 524 (ABS) added to 100% options; base MSRP up by $900 to reflect the change in base equipment
  • Standard Package: Content changes to exclude option 524 (ABS) which is now in 100% options; net MSRP change is zero ($0) since ABS is now in base model
  • Base MSRP increase: No base MSRP increase other than the changes explained above resulting from adding ABS to the base model
  • New special model: Option N92 – Sun Yellow
  • New color: N92 (Sun Yellow / Black Silk Gloss)
  • Discontinued colors: N42 (Lava Orange Metallic)

100% Options

Code Description
524 ABS (disengageable)
588 White Turn Signals


Code Description MSRP
N92 Sun Yellow Special Model: includes option 553 (high windshield), enlarged front mud guard, wheels and mainframe in granite grey metallic, black fork, nurburg silver metallic swing arm $300
847 Biarritz Blue Metallic $0
924 White Aluminum Metallic Matte $0

Special Packages

  • None


Code Description MSRP
499 Low Suspension $250
519 Heated Grips $250
530 TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) $250
539 On Board Computer $295
553 High Windshield (only w/ N92) $0
603 Anti-Theft Alarm $395
636 Center Stand $175
774 Low Seat $0

Standard Package (MSRP: $10,700*)

Code Description
519 Heated Grips
539 On Board Computer

Premium Package

  • None

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

21 thoughts on “2012 BMW F650GS SUN YELLOW”

    1. it’s called a 650 but in reality is has a Twin 800cc 72hp engine. I know…BMW confuses everyone with the F650GS name. Trust me we have one and I have re branded it the F798GS 🙂

    2. its not a 650cc. its a 798cc. f650gs is the model number. also, its a bmw which is rated higher in all categories than the KLR.

  1. Looks a cool bike but why do they have that Duck Bill below the headlamp makes it look a bit strange when it has a front fender to stop all the crap flying up!

  2. I know this maybe be a matter of personal preference, but what do you ladies think of this yellow/black color with the special edition GS badge, vice say the normal biarritz blue metallic? I’m not a big fan of yellow per se, but really like that it looks a bit more “muscular” than a solidy color.

    1. Not a fan of the yellow but like the more rugged look…we really like the 800GS looks, side snorkels and beefer looking ADV bike than the 650, but with a few mods you can make the 650 look tougher. 🙂

  3. Another question…I am looking to buy a F650GS soon…as evident by my prior question about color. What is the value of paying the extra $295 for the On Board Computer? Does it not have an electronic indiciator for gas/gears/etc. if you do not buy the option or what?

    1. The on board computer is a cool addition. You can monitor your tire pressure, check you ambient temperature, average gas mileage, gas left…not necessary but nice to have and also good for resale. many look for this feature on the bike when you go to see it.

      1. Thanks for both of your quick responses!!! I saw from your YouTube video one of the BMWs that you have is the biarritz blue metallic, but had some of the modifications that the yellw/black GS special edition has. Will look into pricing those.

        Any other recommendations for accessories – I probbally won’t be doing more than day-long tours until the little one grows to be a little older. Like you, will mostly be using it as a work commuter.

        I just started reading your blogs and videos – awesome stuff. Keep it up! Very informative for a relatively new rider like myself.

  4. In a little while I will be posting a ton of pics of our Beemers that we have now. I will explain some of the mods we LOVE on our bikes…so, check back in a bit and see what I post. Might answer some of your questions. But for now, you should get a decent skid plate if you go off road..we have taken these bikes cross country and off road when we can. Crash bars, aux lights, we ride all year long helps with visibility and for us to see further…and you WILL need a better seat. The stock seat unless the new 2012’s have done something better is really hard on your ass for long hauls. Good luck!

  5. Hey again.

    Since you’re both in law enforcement and health care, wanted to hear your thoughts about MC safety, risk acceptance, etc.

    I’ve been riding a 300cc scotter now for six months, took the MSF, am an avid road biker and ski. All risky in their own right. In terms of the scooter, am defintiely ready to move up and want to get the BMW F650GS…I’m an email and check away from the purchase order. However, the wife is NOT happy, mainly becauise we have a 14 month old.

    Having been in your respective fields, you’ve probably seen a fair share of MC crashes and the outcome of the riders. What made you two in the end decide that you could mitigate the risk enough for it to be safe and enjoyable, or is it you just accepted the risk? Just wanted to hear your thoughts?

    1. We figured since we both see life and death more than the average person, life is too short to worry about the what if’s. Especially me working in an ICU. People have too many regrets and wish they could have, should have and would have but….

      I hear this all the time. We have a passion for bikes which like anything else including our career choices have risks. All you can do is your best to minimize them and know you are doing something you love. In my case and I have stated this before, riding is a bit of a need…for Leslie, me. I feel depressed if I am off the bike too long, like when I had knee surgery back in Feb. 2011 and could not ride for 5 weeks.

      We took the course, we practice safe riding all the time, we wear all the gear all of the time (ATGATT) and only hope we have years and years left on two wheels. If something were to happen we would deal with it then. I never really want to be left saying I wish we did this or that…

  6. Ladies, always happy to look at your sight for great tips. I currently ride a 2003 F650GS w/ lowered suspension. I’m trying to buy the 2012 but have run into a problem with dealers locating a lowered 2012. 1 dealer has suggested lowering the bike themselves which they assure me will not void the warranty. Really only feel comfortable with factory lowered. Have you heard of anyone having the shop lower their f650gs? Thank you for any insight you can offer. Nikki

    1. Nikki how tall are you? Must you lower the bike? I am only 5’4 1/2″ and Cheryl is 5’5″…and yeah I have heard of shops lowering the bikes…should be no issue if it’s a good shop.

  7. lm 45 and decided to ride across the USA and Canada like l promised myself when 18. Going through a separation, l decided to take this trip after the Estate sells and before University to become a male nurse.
    Researching for the right bike, there are more questions about the F650GS. Do you find the first gear to high? Do you have to use your brakes to compensate for high first gear? lm worried if l break down that the nearest repair parts are 400 km away. Has this happened to you?
    l like simple. l will armor my new bike with necessities, l will ride with no schedule. Perhaps l will become home sick then realize l don’t have one anymore:)
    Another question: Is there a camp guide informing of safe places to camp? lm on Vancouver island and my husky won’t fit on a bike. l will feel a little uneasy at night.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Paul sorry to hear about your separation but not sorry you might have a chance to travel across this country and the USA. The 650 is a fine bike for this trip if you get a good seat. Gearing on this bike is fine, don’t worry about first gear. It gets the bike going and slows you down too.

      Knock on wood we have not had too many issues too far away from a dealer. And besides when you by a BMW you get roadside assistance anywhere in while out on the road. Protect your bike with good accessories and as for camping buy a GPS or a camping book. Not too complicated you will work it out. Love the fact you do not have a schedule or planned route. Enjoy yourself and let us know when and where you go. Leslie

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