2012 BMW G650GS SERTAO – Now this looks like a fun bike to ride

When I first saw this bike on the web I was like hmmmmmmmmmmm interesting.  Riding a lighter less complicated single cylinder bike that might be able to handle ADV touring is really appealing in some regards.  I mean how many of us have wished we had a lighter bike when we get ourselves into certain situations while venturing off-road?

Not sure if this bike will be a HUGE hit for BMW but I bet there is a niche out there that will have this as their primary bike.  Not sure how it would do on a long trip but I guess as long as you don’t over load it (which is probably a good thing because Cheryl and I always slightly over pack) and make the saddle comfy it might just make the grade.  Decent price too!

Click pics for high res version! 😉

BMW San Francisco gets credit for this info

2012 G650GS Sertão (MSRP $8,650*)

Introduction (as written by BMW of North America because we haven’t seen or ridden the bike yet)

With its new BMW G 650 GS Sertão, BMW Motorrad has added a new, sporting chapter to the history of single cylinders in the BMW GS family. Whereas the G650GS thrilled riders with its lean, wiry off-road stature, the G650GS Sertão promises even more sporting characteristics, even greater off-road capabilities, and an even stronger desire for adventure.

And all of this without any sacrafices to the established virtues of a BMW single cylinder enduro such as everyday practicality, appealing price-performance ratio, and playful riding properties.

On the technical side, the new G650GS Sertão uses the established liquid cooled, high-torque single cylinder engine of the G 650 GS with two overhead camshafts , fuel injection, and double ignition. Its 625 cc displacement delivers 50 hp at 6,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 44 ft/lb at 5,000 rpm.

The new Sertão offers greater off-road performance, optimized touring ability, and a dynamic design. While the G650GS chassis was developed primarily for county roads and light off-road use, the Sertão presents far greater off-road capabilities in the form of longer suspension travel and stiffer tuning. In addition, it is fitted with wire spoke wheels and the new color concept underscores the dynamic character of the single cylinder enduro.

Key Features

  • High-torque and low-consumption single cylinder engine with 652 cc displacement. Maximum torque of 44 ft/lb at 5,000 rpm and maximum output of 50 hp at 6,500 rpm.
  • Off-road chassis concept with long suspension travel (front/rear 210 mm or 8.3″)
  • Light dry weight of 390 lbs and wet weight of 426 lbs.
  • Fuel tank capacity of 3.7 gallons, including approximately 1 gallon reserve
  • Wire spoke wheels with light alloy rims. Wheel sizes 21″ front and 17″ rear
  • Two seat heights: 33.9″ (standard) and 35.4″ (special accessory)
  • Dynamic color concept in Aura White/Arroyo Blue with Sertão lettering and seat in black/grey
  • Black luggage rack
  • Extended top front fender
  • High windscreen
  • Hand protectors
  • Aluminum engine guard
  • Standard BMW Motorrad ABS, disengageable for off-road applications
  • Extensive range of accessories

Pricing and Equipment (MSRP $8,650)

Standard Equipment: High Windshield / Aluminum Engine Guard / Hand Protectors / Extended Front Fender

100% Options

Code Description
524 ABS (disengageable) with Hazard Flashers


Code Description MSRP
N84 Aure White / Arroyo Blue $0

Special Packages



Code Description MSRP
519 Heated Grips $250
603 Anti-Theft Alarm $395
764 Accessory Socket $50

Standard Package (MSRP: $8,950)

Code Description
519 Heated Grips
764 Accessory Socket

Premium Package



The first new G650GS Sertãos are scheduled to arrive in January of 2012. Let us know if you are interested in getting your hands on one of our first Sertãos and we’ll fill you in on all the deatils.



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2 thoughts on “2012 BMW G650GS SERTAO – Now this looks like a fun bike to ride”

  1. Adventure remake/makeover of the G650CS? Naah, doesn’t have a belt drive.

    (just kidding, don’t shoot me)

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